Chinese Acupuncture

The History Of Chinese Acupuncture The idea of Chinese acupuncture is one steeped in history, linked back 
farther than we could ever pinpoint on exact terms, and has been cited as a 
medical wonder for thousands upon thousands of years. And, yes, we realize 
that the debate over Chinese...

Beginning Yoga

Steps To Take When Beginning Yoga When beginning yoga, there are a few things you need to know: first, 
understand that your body has limits and that you can’t expect to do 
everything at once. Second, know that this is just as much a spiritual 
process as it is...

Grapes Health Benefits

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION – Grapes Health Benefits After Malignant Growth Eliminated It has come to my attention that many patients overdo the exclusive grape diet. They seem to think they must continue the grape diet until the growth has disappeared completely. Experience teaches that scars caused by a malignant growth...

Yoga For Kids

Is Yoga For Kids A Good Idea?

 Some schools have began yoga for kids programs as a way to promote health 
and fitness. These classes have been met with some decidedly different 
results. Some parents encourage it, thinking that this can be an excellent 
way to keep their children...