Super Seed High Fiber Food Formula

Super Seed is an extraordinary whole high fiber food formula that supplies your body with a highly usable, nutrient dense, vegetarian source of dietary fiber. It is a whole food blend of certified organic and chemical free seeds, sprouted grains and legumes, abundant in mucilaginous soluble fiber, and rich in essential fatty acids and lignans. Each of the ingredients in Super Seed™ were specifically chosen for their exceptional ability to enhance and support bowel health. As with all Garden of Life® formulations, this ingredientblend is potentiated with our exclusive Poten-Zyme™ process of lactofermentation and enzymatic activation insuring maximum bio-availability and absorption.

The Critical Role of Dietary Fiber Food

The role of dietary high fiber food has increasingly grown in prominence since as early as 1860 with the advent of the technology for refining sugar, followed soon thereafter by improved milling methods that began removing the fiber from flour. Improvements in rail and sea transport along with refrigeration, enabled the distribution of these foods to a worldwide marketplace. Prosperous, more industrialized countries were predominantly the beneficiaries of these new wonder foods. Simultaneously, the populations of these countries began suffering en masse with digestive and bowel disorders. In the recent 50 years, as three generations have come to pass, the prevalence of these and multiple related disorders have reached a critical level. Foodstuffs have become so de-natured that they are almost unrecognizable from their whole, original state. Current statistics are undeniably revealing:

  • Up to 100 million Americans suffer from varied forms of digestive diseases with an estimated total in lost wages and medical costs of over $50 billion per year. Each day, approximately 200,000 people miss work due to these disorders.
  • Health statistics show that more Americans are hospitalized with digestive tract disorders than any other group of diseases. These medical costs tower at more than $20 billion per year.
  • The annual sales of prescription and over the counter drug products for digestion related maladies has grown to $2.5 billion per year, increasing at a steady rate of 10% over the last decade, contributing substantially to our overall health care costs. These include laxatives, antacids, anti-hemorrhoidal and anti-diarrheal preparations.

garden of life super seedNature’s Whole Food Fiber Source

  • Super Seed Provides a Balanced Source of Soluble and Insoluble Fiber
  • Certified Organic and/or Chemical Free Fiber Rich Whole Foods
  • Super Seed Utilizes natural Poten-Zyme™ process of Bio-Fermentation and Enzymatic Activation
  • Super Seed Aids in the Digestion of Grains, Seeds and Legumes while Neutralizing Enzyme and Nutrient Inhibitors such as phytates
  • Improves Bowel Regularity and Increases Colonic Transit Time
  • Assists in the Excretion of Toxins and Heavy Metals
  • Super Seed Supports Beneficial Flora in the Intestines and Bowel
  • Super Seed is Abundant in Mucilagenous Soluble Fiber
  • Excellent Source of Pectin, Cellulose, Lignans and Mucilage
  • Supplies Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids
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Why is Fiber / Super Seed Important?

Death begins in the colon, and so too does vibrant health. Choosing to supply your body with adequate dietary fiber on a daily basis is an important co-factor in bowel and colon super health. The following are some of the many essential functions that dietary high fiber food perform in the body:

  • Fiber reduces risk of colon cancer
  • Fiber escorts cholesterol and triglycerides out of the body
  • Stimulates pancreatic enzyme activity
  • Slows glucose absorption thus stabilizing blood glucose levels by slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, creating a physical barrier between carbohydrates and the digestive enzymes that break them down
  • Fiber aids in weight loss by providing a feeling of fullness
  • Reduces calorie absorption
  • Fiber may ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Fiber enhances the absorption of bile acids and salts
  • May aid in the prevention of some metabolic diseases
  • Fiber assists in the elimination of sluggish bowel and constipation
  • Fiber may lower blood pressure, help decrease allergic response, and provide relief in inflammatory conditions
  • Iimportant for the respiration of vital organs in transporting oxygen into the blood stream, cells, tissue and organs
  • Helps to maintain resilience and lubrication of the cells by binding with protein and cholesterol to form living membranes that hold body cells together.

Super Seed™
Supplement Fact Sheet

super seed supplement labelSuper Seed
We all are learning about the health value of seeds and sprouted cereal grasses. Flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and other seeds have so many diverse health promoting properties, but what we love about Super Seed is that one serving supplies 29 percent of your daily fiber needs from a very diverse source of soluble and insoluble fibers, plus 10 percent of your daily potassium requirement. Mix with potassium-rich orange juice, of course, and your potassium intake is about 23 percent of your daily requirements. And that’s something to brag about! Super Seed is a rich source of flaxseed, chia seed, sprouted quinoa, sprouted amaranth, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, millet, buckwheat (not actually a grain but the seed of an herb), fiber from garbanzo, red lentil, kidney and adzuki beans, and cinnamon, a potent harmonizer with considerable digestive value. Best of all, it tastes great!



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