Zero Gravity Weight Loss

The Zero Gravity formula is based on ancient whole foods and beverages containing naturally occurring compounds which may contribute to healthy weight loss. The ingredients incorporates whole fruit, sea vegetable extracts – and tea infusions of roots, bark and leaves.

Zero Gravity does not:

  • Contain stimulants (ephedra, ma huang, caffeine, coleus forskolli)
  • Increase heart rate
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Inhibit absorption of essential micronutrients

Zero Gravity™
Weight Management Solution –

( Not Available, Replaced with Garden of Life Fucoxanthin )

  • Weight Loss
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Glucose Metabolism
  • Zero Gravity™ Prevents Conversion of Carbohydrates into Fat
  • Improved Mood
  • Maintain Lean Body Mass
  • Loss of Body Fat and Inches
  • Zero Gravity™ Improved Physical Performance
  • Conversion of Stored Fat into Energy
  • Prevents Fat Soluble Toxins from being Reabsorbed during Fat Loss
  • Reduce Absorption of Dietary Fat

Excessive weight and obesity lead to some 280,000 preventable deaths in the United States each year. Type II Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure are only a few of the serious complications resulting from being overweight. Obesity related disability accounts for approximately 7 percent of health care costs. Zero Gravity™ offers a natural, non-addictive and time honored weight management solution. It contains no stimulants that have been found to cause potentially harmful side effects such as rapid heart rate, anxiety, insomnia and hypertension.

What’s in Zero Gravity?

Contains Whole Organic Grapefruit Concentrate: Whole organic grapefruit is one of nature’s richest sources of antioxidants, bioflavanoids, enzymes and fiber. It is high in pectin, a soluble fiber that helps lower blood cholesterol. The whole grapefruit concentrate in one daily serving (3 caplets) of Zero Gravity™, contains the key nutrients found in 2-3 normally eaten grapefruits. The complete combination of pectin, seeds and peel of the whole grapefruit, actively inhibits enzymes in the intestinal tract which are responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into storable fats. This action is naturally accomplished without disturbing the uptake of necessary micronutrients such as vitamin C, potassium and folic acid – overcoming the typical drawbacks of standard diet products and pharmaceuticals that may leave the dieter with a nutrient deficiency.

Studies confirm that grapefruit decreases the risks of heart disease by reducing high cholesterol as well as atherosclerosis. Grapefruit is proven to aid in the reduction of fat by inhibiting the enzyme (P450) responsible for the absorption of carbohydrates. In addition, grapefruit peel contains a remarkable compound called Sinefrin which eliminates fat cells in human tissue, and increases tissue density measured as leanness. Grapefruit pectin has demonstrated its ability to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics by reducing carbohydrates that enter the bloodstream, which in turn lessens the amount of sugars being absorbed. Pectin is also shown to prevent sudden blood sugar spikes.

Contains Blueberry Leaf Extract: Blueberry leaf extract contains significant pharmaceutical amounts of both chlorogenic and caffeic acids (20%). New studies have shown that taken together, these unique compounds help to simultaneously reduce glucose absorption in the intestines, decrease glucose synthesis in the liver, and speed up the rate of glucose metabolism. Residents of the Caucasian region of the former Soviet Union have traditionally taken medicinal teas infused with leaves of the blueberry plant, as a self-treatment for blood sugar imbalances, diabetes and hypoglycemia. Blueberry leaf extract is proven to reduce total cholesterol and LDL levels. Common “statin” cholesterol medications actually diminish CoQ10, vitamin E and carnitine activity in the body, potentially creating deficiencies in these important nutrients.

Zero Gravity™ contains Sea Vegetable Extract: Sea vegetables harvested from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, contain large quantities of fiber (45% fucoidans) known to absorb fat soluble toxins which are dumped into the bloodstream when dieting. Sea vegetables possess a variety of compounds such as alginates, that have the ability to bind with these toxins and escort them out of the body. Brown seaweed improves thyroid function, aids in detoxification, and balances blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Zero Gravity™ contains Rhododendron caucasium: Alpine tea made from Rhododendron caucasium is enjoyed daily by residents of the Republic of Georgia, well known throughout history as some of the healthiest and leanest people in the world. Rhododendron caucasicum is high in polyphenolic antioxidants (40% polyphenols), which specifically inhibits the action of the lipase enzyme that interferes with fat metabolism. Unlike the standard pharmaceutical fat blockers like Orlistat (Xenical®) and other dietary formulas such as Chitosan, Rhododendron caucasium does not bind with fat or remove important fat soluble vitamins. In fact, Rhododenron caucasicum exerts a profound antioxidant effect in the body which many experts believe is several times more bioavailable than pine bark or grape seed extracts.

Zero Gravity™ contains Rhodiola rosea (3% Rosavin): Originally grown in harsh Russian climates, Rhodiola rosea is a hearty root whose medicinal properties function as the quintessential adaptogen. Also known as the “Arctic Root”, Rhodiola rosea is a powerful anti-stress, mood and memory enhancing herb, which according to Dr. L. Utkin a well known Russian botanist and nutritionist, has the added ability to increase physical endurance and sexual performance. Nicknamed the “ginseng alternative”, Rhodiola rosea is said to be more effective than St. Johns wort, Ginkgo biloba and Panax ginseng as a phyto-medicine, as proven by noted plant biochemist Dr. Zakir Ramazanov. Based on 30 years of scientific research, Rhodiola rosea specifically activates and regulates hormone sensitive adipose lipase in both healthy and obese patients, while it mobilizes fatty acids from the adipose tissue.
When Rhodiola rosea and Rhododendron caucasium are combined in amounts as contained in a daily serving of Zero Gravity™, the synergistic effect is impressive. Including Rhodiola rosea and Rhododendron caucasium in your diet, one can reduce body fat without losing muscle tissue.

Zero Gravity™ contains Magnolia Extract (5% Magnolol): In many traditional Chinese herbal formulas from the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue eras (220 A.D.), Magnolia bark was frequently used and documented in famous herbal texts over the centuries. It is a popular ingredient in numerous patented Chinese herbal remedies used for digestive system disorders, abdominal bloating and discomfort. Magnolol has been successfully used as a cholesterol lowering agent in the treatment of high cholesterol and atherosclerosis. Magnolol, isolated from magnolia bark, contains optimal levels of naturally occurring perilipin inhibitors, a key factor in weight loss. The most impressive pharmacological properties were recently discovered by Dr. Seu-Mei (2000), who demonstrated that magnolol significantly reduces lipid droplets, which act as storage for fat triglycerides in adipose tissue. The lipase enzyme forms a “protein shell” (called perilipin) around the lipid droplets, thereby blocking the bodies ability to breakdown fat. Thus, natural perilipin inhibitors such as magnolol are an important, necessary function in healthy weight management.

The UltraZorbe Time Released Caplet Delivery System

The UltraZorbe™ (Ultra-absorption) caplet delivery system, is a revolutionary technology which allows all nutrients and ingredients in Garden of Life® products to retain their maximum nutritive content, viability, “live food” and herbal properties. This is accomplished without the use of heat, animal products, traditional fillers or excipients. The UltraZorbe™ time released system used in Zero Gravity™ is designed to slowly disintegrate and dissolve over one hours time, thus releasing the desired nutrients in the most effective manner.

The Zero Gravity Program

Take 1-2 Zero Gravity™ 30 minutes before each meal. Along with the Zero Gravity™ protocol, it is essential to include a minimum of 45 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days per week (even walking is okay). We also recommend that Zero Gravity™ be combined with Perfect Food® 1-2 servings per day (2-4 Tbsp), and Super Seed™ 1 serving morning and evening (2 heaping Tbsp) to ensure adequate nutrient and fiber intake. It is vitally important to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day to flush out accumulated toxins and waste material. We suggest adding 12 drops of Springs of Life™ per 8oz of water, to facilitate efficient detoxification and enhance the nutritional value of the water. Whenever possible, we strongly advocate an adherence to a whole food diet. Research has proven that an increase in the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a significant decrease in refined carbohydrates (ie: bread, pasta, cereal, sugar, soft drinks), and processed fats (ie: margarine, vegetable shortening, refined cooking oils), promotes overall weight management and vibrant health.

Zero Gravity™ Testimonials from a 12 week trial study:

ROBIN: I’m 47 years old and have been battling with losing weight for the last 20 years. I got married at 28 and was a tall and sleek bride – 5’9″, 130 lbs at the alter. As the years progressed, I was always struggling to stay slim, but as every year went by, I put on 10 lbs. I was miserable. Up to 240 lbs by Christmas 2001, I was so big and uncomfortable that I honestly lived the saying: “I’ve fallen and couldn’t get up!” I’d have to role on my knees to pull myself back on my feet. I had been eating for all the wrong reasons, as evidenced by my size 20 pants. I tried every fad diet and product, but nothing worked. Then one day, a co-worker asked if I’d be interested in joining a weight loss group. Since I had nothing to lose except 100 excess pounds, I gave it a try. In the past 10 weeks, I’ve lost 27 1/2 lbs! I feel confident, alive and most of all healthy. I still have more to go, but on my journey to success, Zero Gravity™ and Perfect Food® will always be with me.

DAPHNE: Every weekend I sing before thousands of people at my church. It can be a little intimidating if you are noticeably overweight. The harder I tried to lose weight, the more I gained. Over a period of two years, I put on 50 lbs and tried all kinds of diets. When I was able to briefly lose some weight, I’d put back on what was lost, plus a few extra pounds. It was so discouraging. Being so overweight for my height made it hard to even get out of bed and move around. My energy was zilch. Anything I did caused more pain. Feeling hopeless, I turned to a friend who was miraculously healed simply from healthier eating. He told me about some products called Zero Gravity™ and Perfect Food®. I soon arrived at the point where all I wanted was to be healthy, even if it took a lifestyle change. So, with the support of my friends, I gave it everything I had. After the first two weeks on the program, I noticed that my aches and pains had decreased. Zero Gravity™ has made a dramatic difference in me. I’ve lost 15 lbs in the first 12 weeks. Even though I have not yet reached my goal weight, I know that as I continue to use Zero Gravity™, the weight is going to melt off.

JENNY: Many changes take place in a person’s life. A change involves commitments and a positive attitude to reach a personal goal. It also takes accountability, and a program that promotes optimum health around a foundation of good research and proven products. My goal was to lose weight steadily with good food, healthy practices, and exercise for a strong cardiovascular system. It included a change in eating habits, and adding Zero Gravity™ and Perfect Food® to my regime. Friends are beginning to say things like: “Jenny, your skin looks wonderful – you’re looking good!” But even more than my appearance, is how I feel – and I feel great! Thank you for these wonderful products.

MEREDITH: After the birth of my youngest child, I expected the 50+ lbs I put on to go away with as little effort as it had with my previous pregnancy. Trying the latest fads from soup diets to fruit diets, the pounds came off and went back on as quickly as my dress size changed. I tried fat-burner pills that made me so jittery I couldn’t sleep at night. I signed up for a weight loss program and had some initial success, but their philosophy on eating was in direct conflict with the truths I knew about basic nutrition. Then I heard about Zero Gravity™ – wow! By preventing my body from converting calories into poundage, I was able to safely lose 18 lbs in my first 12 weeks without any cravings or negative side effects. I am now well on my way back to my ideal weight. When I ride the waves with my children this summer, the only thing jiggling will by my keys!


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