Ab Lounger Review

Ab Lounger Review

Does The AB Lounger Work?

There is much discussion about the value of health equipment and how much it 
actually offers, and the ab lounger is no stranger to such discussion. Some 
have claimed this machine is not worth the payments or the time. They 
believe it does nothing more than basic crunches and can even, on some 
occasions, be dangerous. Others will swear by it, citing the ab lounger as 
the reason they have lost weight and gained confidence. Which side is right? 
Or is there a clear winner? You decide once you have heard both opinions. 
The ab lounger may be the right machine for you or it may not, depending on 
what you need and what it can give you.

Ab Lounger: Benefits

The most obvious benefit of the ab lounger is its extension. With this 
machine, you can perform true crunches, using all of your stomach muscles 
for top mobility. The way this machine is designed basically forces you to 
do the proper crunches. With its build, you have a way to comfort your body, 
even as you work it. This can make ab exercising more appealing to those who 
never bother to work out because they can never do so comfortably. Many cite 
this piece of equipment as useful, easy to learn and an essential part of 
their daily exercise regime.

Ab Lounger: Disadvantages

Of course, the ab lounger does have its detractors. This is not a machine 
designed for those who are severely overweight. It only holds up to two 
hundred and seventy five pounds. Some claim that this take away from the 
actual purpose. After all, someone wanting to get in shape may not be able 
to use it simply because they are not the proper weight. Also, the ab 
lounger offers hyper extension. While that can be seen as an advantage, as 
we listed before, it can also be a problem. If you extend yourself too far, 
you can cause problems in your back, such as strained muscles or even 
tearing. Some people believe this is too dangerous, especially since it is 
usually the most promoted feature of the machine.

Does It Work:

To put it simply, yes, the ab lounger can work. While it still requires that 
you use other forms of exercise and cut down on your calories to ensure the 
full benefits, it does work. Still, there are some health concerns and the 
basic problem of those who are too large for it to hold. If you are in reasonable shape and do not exceed the weight limit, then you will probably 
do well on this machine, assuming you do not extend your back to far and 
tear something. If you do exceed the limit, however, this will not work for 
you and you may even cause yourself actual harm by trying to use it.

The ab lounger does work, for those who meet the requirements and understand 
the importance of not overextending. Even if that it its great promotion, 
you still need to take care.

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