Understanding Acupuncture

Understanding Acupuncture

The idea of using acupuncture is not a new one. It has been around, as 
proven by archeological study, since before 202 BC. But does that mean that 
it is a genuine science, something that is guaranteed to work? Some would 
say yes; others would disagree. The study of acupuncture has caused much 
debate among scientific communities. While some believe this to be a certain 
way to alleviate pain, others think it offers nothing more than a placebo 
effect. Is there any way to prove either idea, or is acupuncture and its 
success related directly to each individual? Are the medical risks worth the 
procedure? Does it even work at all?

These are all questions people ask when considering acupuncture and there 
is, sadly, no concrete way to answer them. The information about the success 
of this process varies greatly and either side could claim the rights of 
being… well, right. Some say this is nothing more than playing on the 
mind’s ability to heal the body, offering supposed relief and tricking the 
process of healing to begin. They claim that this is proven by the fact that 
acupuncture does not always work. It is nothing more than a placebo effect 
and should be stopped since it does not actually heal.

Others, however, say that acupuncture does work. It relieves tension at the 
proven pressure points of the body and aids in getting rid of pain. They 
just say to look at all of those who have been helped by it as proof, and 
also cite the long history acupuncture has. This is not a new science but 
has, instead, been developed for century after century. During that time, it 
has been a steady alternative to traditional medicine. Would acupuncture 
really be so popular if it did not work?

Again, both sides raise valid questions and give examples of their 
superiority over the other. Can you determine which is correct, then? Can 
you make a decision for yourself? Yes, you can as people do every day. 
Acupuncture is something that you must look into with complete knowledge. 
You have to understand the health risks such as risk for infections, 
bruising, bleeding, potential for nerve injury, etc. and also have to know 
just what the process entails. You should research your home’s legal stance 
on acupuncture. Some countries do not look well upon this practice and you 
need to make sure you are not going to someone who is not operating legally.

You also need to learn all you can about acupuncture itself. From history to 
modern process, from potential effects to supposed benefits, you need to 
know everything. We say this because, since this is not a common medical 
procedure, you may not have the advantage of a doctor promoting and 
recommending it to you. You are basically on your own. Because of this, we 
stress that you need to know exactly what you are doing before going through 
with the procedure.

Does acupuncture work? Some say yes; others say no. You have to decide for 

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