Autism – What is It?

Autism – What is It?

Autism is a neurological disability that affects an individual’s ability to communicate and socialize with others. They might also be experiencing issues with motor skills and processing information as well. Autism affects each child and adult differently. There is no such thing as typical behaviors.

The exact cause of Autism is not known. It is believed to be the result of abnormalities in the brain structure. Brain scans of individuals who have been diagnosed show such differences. It is also believed that heredity and genetics play a role in the development of Autism.

Autism often occurs in those who have other medical issues including Fragile X Syndrome, Sclerosis, Rubella, and toxic diseases that are related to issues during the pregnancy. There is a debate that standard vaccinations can result in Autism as well.

Regardless of the reasons behind Autism, there are some myths out there that result from uneducated individuals.  Don’t listen to them and definitely don’t get hooked by them. Some false here says  include the idea that your child has this disability do to the result of poor parenting during the early years of a child’s development. There is also the myth that Autism is a mental illness. There is no evidence to support that idea.

Taking the time to learn the basics information will be beneficial. There are many terms to be aware of. Knowing the basics can help you decide what step to take next. You can also find great resources to provide information and help for your Autistic child. Early identification and diagnosis are key. If you feel your child might have Autism it is a good idea to get an evaluation conducted by a qualified doctor with neurological knowledge.

The education process of Autism can be challenging for those with the disability as well as parents and caregivers. This is because there are so many variable to take into consideration. Support groups are an excellent source of information and emotional release. Working with qualified individuals to set up an Individual Education Plan is a great idea.

There is still much we don’t know about Autism. However, it is possible to live with an Autistic child and still have a fairly normal home life. This means taking the time to understand the disability, seek out resources, and find support for yourself and other members of your family.

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