2017 Breast Cancer Facts

2017 Breast Cancer Facts

There are certain breast cancer facts that everyone, man and woman, should 
know. This is a disease that can be treated early enough to save lives, if 
people would merely understand it. There are steps to take to insure a 
higher quality of life, if people would just learn them. That is why the 
breast cancer facts are essential. You need to know the facts to deal with 
the problem. Otherwise, you may find yourself caught unawares when it 
happens and, trust us, it will happen, whether to you or to someone you 
know. This is common enough to effect you on some level and you should know 
how to deal with it.

Fact One: breast cancer can strike at any age. While, yes, it does tend to 
favor older individuals, there are cases with people as young as twenty 
developing it. You are never too young to get it and should remember that.

Fact Two: men can also develop male breast cancer. While rare, around fourteen 
hundred a year, men can indeed develop this. It is not just a woman’s 
disease and should not be thought of as one. This can strike people as among 
the oddest of breast cancer facts but it is true.

Fact Three: breast cancer is a killer. This is ranked as the leading 
cancerous death for women from the ages of fifteen to fifty four. There is 
nothing that can touch it in terms of numbers. That is why seeking treatment 
is so essential for, every thirteen minutes, someone dies from it.

Fact Four: prevention is a possibility. While you cannot stop your body from 
forming cancer, you can certainly take steps that lessens the chance of it. 
Living a healthy and active lifestyle (sans smoking, foods in high fat, 
drinking, etc.) can help lower the risks of developing breast cancer. Also, 
by taking regular tests, you can keep yourself informed as to what your body 
is doing.

Fact Five: if breast cancer is treated early, the chances to be cancer free 
are high. It is estimated that ninety six percent of women, and men, who 
catch the cancer early on will be completely free of it within a five year 
span. Of all breast cancer facts, remember this one the most.

Fact Six: certain factors like genes and late menopause can effect breast 
cancer. This is true. Sometimes, there are things you cannot control when it 
comes to breast cancer. These internal forces are beyond you. No matter what 
steps you take to live a healthier life, there is no guarantee that you will 
not develop cancer.

These breast cancer facts are essential to know. You need to understand the 
danger and, also, the possibility for treatment. This is something you can 
develop but it is also something you can beat, if you act quickly enough. 
Early detection, we can’t stress enough, is necessary. Your risk for 
complication decreases tremendously with it. That is why you must regularly 
see a doctor and also learn to give self-examinations.

Learn the breast cancer facts to help yourself. This is a necessity, not a 
suggestion. If you want to live, know the facts.

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