Disabilities occur for a variety of reasons and vary in their severity. Some disabilities are minor and most don’t even notice them. However, some disabilities are so severe that they can seriously affect the quality of a person’s life. That is why when someone has a disability that there are some advocacy groups and government programs that are set up to help people with disabilities. If you or someone that you know has a disability, it is worth looking into some of these groups.

Support groups are also a good idea when it comes to disabilities, especially for families and for those who got the disability later in life, maybe because of an accident or sickness. Some people with disabilities have had them since birth so they don’t know any other way to be. But still, even they could use some support especially as they get older and observe that they are a little different than those around them. Support groups are great because they help you find people who are going through the same thing as you are. There are groups for family members and for the people who have the disabilities. You can call your local hospital to see what is available. Also try looking in the paper or online. A lot of places will list announcements for support group meetings.

If the disability keeps you out of work, then you may be eligible for disability pay. That is something that you will need to check with your local office for. Some people may not be eligible. After you apply for disability pay you will need to likely appear for an interview to assess if someone is truly eligible or not. They need to see you in person otherwise there may be some fraudulent activity going on. Keep in mind that certain things, such as depression, could also be considered a disability. Some people define disability as something that makes you unable to work. When a lot of us think of disabilities we tend to assume that it only has to do with severe disabilities such as the loss of a limb. But that isn’t necessarily the case because a lot of things can result in a disability, even something like depression.

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