Heart Disease Composition

Heart Disease Composition

High Cholesterol Levels Are Main Cause Of Heart Disease

Doctors will inform you that the beginnings of heart disease are often traced to a person’s early formative years. Also, when over the years, cholesterol (bad) levels build up it can cause blockage of the arteries and blood vessels which in turn can lead to heart disease. Therefore, treating the effects of different heart diseases is best begun when the condition is still in an infant stage at which time there is not much amount of cholesterol present in the walls of blood vessels.

Change In Chemical Composition

With the passage of time however cholesterol changes its chemical composition and the sad part is that these changes result in more cholesterol build-up which in turn attracts the white blood cells that attempt to clean up the cholesterol. However, instead of removing cholesterol these white blood cells cause further damage leading to formation of bone in the walls of the blood vessels.

This leads to hardening of the arteries that in turn will hamper normal flow of blood leading perhaps to a heart attack. Doctors try and inject patients that have such problems with enzymes and the injected enzymes start chewing up the clot and so prevent heart ailments. Another option is to undergo angioplasty that is a process that requires a mesh made from stainless steel being placed at the location of the blockage which helps to create a man made channel through which blood can flow freely.

To prevent heart disease that results because of elevated levels of bad cholesterol it is necessary to ensure eating a healthy and proper diet as well as trying several different kinds of natural remedies. However, it should be mentioned that high cholesterol levels is not the same as heart disease and it is in fact only an indication that a person is under greater risk of suffering from heart disease.

Heart disease is also caused by obesity and so an obvious way of eliminating this problem is to lose weight which will then put less stress on the heart and so prevents heart disease. In addition, consuming plenty of magnesium too can prove to be effective in preventing this disease.

Coronary heart disease is generally caused by clogged arteries. The symptoms of this kind of heart disease are generally not noticeable until after the fact, often even many decades after the first occurrence of the symptoms. Besides magnesium, Wholy Tea is another good way of preventing heart disease as it helps in cleansing out the liver as well as kidneys and also lessens the amount of fat around the waist.

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