About LASIK Eye Surgery

About LASIK Eye Surgery

Common questions and concerns answered about LASIK eye surgery.

No one likes going to the doctor eye doctor, so many of us put it off until there is a problem. But, no matter when your last eye exam was, if you are getting headaches or seeing blurry, it may be time for an eye exam.

The good news is, if your ophthalmologist says your eyes need corrective lenses, you don’t have to face a lifetime of eyeglasses or contacts. Ditch the glasses and try LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis)!

Does laser surgery on your eyes make you nervous? Don’t worry.

We have gathered some of the most common questions like, “does it hurt?” and “how long does it take?” Keep reading to learn the answers to your most pressing questions about laser eye surgery.

How Is The LASIK Procedure Done?

Laser eye surgery has been around for many years now, and the procedure has been fine-tuned to be as quick and easy as possible. So easy in fact that more people than you might think have already had it done! In the United States, about 718,000 plus people are estimated to have laser eye surgery in 2020 alone!

First, the doctor will numb your eyes with eye drops. Then, the doctor will cut a small flap from the top of your cornea. Higher-end doctors will use a laser for this incision as well, whereas others might use a scalpel.

After the doctor cuts the flap, a laser will reshape the cornea so the eye will no longer have distorted vision. To finish the eye, the doctor will replace the flap and repeat the whole procedure on the second eye.

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?

Because of the numbing eye drops, most patients will only feel slight pressure during the surgery.

Afterward, there should only be a little discomfort. Some of the chief complaints are watery eyes, dry eyes, and light sensitivity. Be sure to use the prescribed medicated eye drops to reduce the irritation and hasten the healing.

How Long Does The Surgery Take?

It might surprise you to find that, there are many skilled surgical facility like the LASIK Vision Institute and others located in your area. The whole surgery takes about 15 minutes from the time the doctor puts in the eye drops.

Fun fact: the laser only touches each eye for less than 60 seconds during the corneal reshaping step!

When Will You See Results?

You should see immediate results after the surgery for the most part.

There may be some intermittent blurriness for the first few hours, but as your eyes heal, the difference should be noticeable.

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

Over fifteen years ago the cost of LASIK was considered very expensive to most. The good news is that technology continues to evolve and the cost now is much more affordable. The average cost is around $2000 per eye. CareCredit℠ is available for financing assistance.

Does Does LASIK Really Work?

The Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (JCRS) study published states yes!

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