Lose Weight For The Right Reasons

Lose Weight For The Right Reasons

We will first state the obvious: the majority of the population needs to lose weight. Too many people are dangerously overweight and the health risks can be fatal. This is common knowledge and, yet, people still refuse to get in shape. Most of that can be attributed to fear, though: fear of hard work, fear of failure, etc. It all is connected when trying to lose weight. This is never an easy thing to do and people usually give up on before they have really given it a chance. If the results are not quick, then the strategy must not be working. Or, at least, that seems to be the popular way of thinking.

What you have to realize, however, is that the right kind of weight loss is never fast. Yes, yes: you usually will lose an initial ten pounds or so rather quickly. Your body will be shocked by the sudden change in routine and will respond accordingly. But, to lose weight on a much larger scale, you need time, patience and a willingness to work. While that may sound daunting (and it certainly can be if you let it), you have to remember that anything worth having takes time. This is also applied to when you try to lose weight. You have to know that it will take longer than a few weeks to get the form you want. If you can’t remember that, then you will become too frustrated and probably quit before you have given your process long enough to work.

When you set out to lose weight, you do more than just try to get into that dress you have been eyeing at the mall (or, guys, that old pair of jeans you used to look so good in on date night). You are trying to reshape your life. The real motivator to this should be health, not looking good. Of course, we realize how easy it is just to look at the need to fit into smaller clothes. You want to look nice; we get that. But you should put your health first. When you lose weight just to wear smaller sizes, you may end up pushing yourself too hard. Body image is a hard thing to combat and, if you are just concerned with that, you can find yourself frustrated and upset. Make health your first issue when you try to lose weight. That way, you can better appreciate the value of taking things slow and not putting your body through strains like pills and crash dieting.

It is amazing to us that people still do those things but they do. This suggests a total lack of control or self-esteem. You do not want to put your body through that. You need to learn moderation and patience. That is why losing weight should be about health and not just looking good. It is so much easier to take things at an appropriate pace when you are not trying to impress people. Lose weight because you want a healthier life; the other benefits will come on their own.

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