Stages of Crohn’s Disease and Diet

Stages of Crohn’s Disease and Diet

Various stages of Crohn’s disease have different symptoms. The most common symptoms of this disorder are diarrhea i.e. frequent bowel movement, severe fever associated with cramps, abdominal pain, also at some stages of Crohn’s disease the patient can notice bleeding from the rectum. There is also loss of appetite that would obviously lead to loss of weight. The symptoms are not always limited to the digestive track, but for children who suffer with this disease may also develop problems in sexual development and also lead to delayed growth.

At some Crohn’s stages fistula may also be developed due to inflammation. The symptoms of this disease range from severe to mild. Depending on the part of the intestinal track affected, the symptoms and complications would differ to a large extent. Proper diet plan at different stages of Crohn’s disease will be a great way to overcome the problems caused. One of the many misconceptions about the Crohn’s diet plan is that people mistake it as the diet plan to lose weight. However, as the main problem is within the digestive system the diet plan would suggest eating in small quantities. The type of food the patient would consume also changes with the stages of the disease. For example, a patient who is at the initial stage need not follow severe diet plan. One of the major problems at the advanced stages is the malnutrition. The patient would be suffering from severe diarrhea problem; he would be continuously losing all the available nutrients in the body. Hence there is every need to provide supplements continuously to the body. At the later stages, children tend to lose proteins that are very essential for the child’s growth. For the children who are allergic to the milk products, the soy protein diet could be of great help. Oily fish such as tuna and salmon should be a great source of protein for the patients suffering from this disease. The poultry and the lean meats will also help to improve the protein levels of the body. The legumes and dries beans are compulsory ingredients that are to be included in a full-fledged protein meal.

Complex carbohydrates are the most important components of the Crohn’s disease diet plan. The intake of these complex carbohydrates also changes in accordance with the different stages. Actually, proper, balanced intake of food is one of the best ways to deal with this disease. In order to minimize the abdominal pain at all the stages of the disease, it is always advisable to go for low fiber diet as this would help the food to digest the food easily. All the food items like the nuts, corn hulls, seeds, vegetables, raw fruits etc are to be avoided while a person is on the diet plan. So, go ahead and consult a physician if you notice any of the mentioned symptoms or if you feel that you are at one of the stages of Crohn’s disease.


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