What is Stress? How To Cope

What is Stress? How To Cope

To know “what is stress?” also its bad effects, you’ll need to understand the basic aspects that act as catalysts in creating and developing mental health stress. It is never possible to live without stress and it seems that everyone seems to be a gullible victim of this strange affliction. On the flipside, stress may also act as a precursor to better things in life. To a limited extent, stress could act as a good influence on your psyche, but uncontrolled stress could be a dangerous factor that can even cause irreparable damage to your body.

Now: Most types of stress occur as a result of overbearing situations or occasions occurring as a result of overload.

Here are some real life examples and situations, which are very common throughout this world:

  • You’re a single parent raising two children and you also work to earn monetary resources to raise them. This factor may create several stressful situations in your life.
  • You’ve a family with four dependants and both you and your spouse keep working to feed your family. But, the money that is earned as salary is just not enough to raise your family. This could also create severe conditions that lead ultimately to stressful conditions,
  • You have been living with your spouse for a long time and suddenly your spouse dies as a result of old age. This separation may create severe stress in your life.
  • You’re a college student working on some PowerPoint presentation class slated for the weekend. As the day approaches, you start feeling apprehension that you may not do really well in the presentation. This situation ultimately causes stress and anxiety.

There are several hundreds of stressful situations that occur almost on a daily basis. There are no single well known and well defined situations or causes that create stress; a combination of factors will lead to stress and anxiety. If you ask an expert a question as “what is stress?”, it is actually quite difficult to give a convincing explanation. Stress is a feeling and it is surreal! It is not physically visible, but you can feel its sensation! It is extremely fickle minded; it can disappear very quickly, like the way it enters your mind!

Stress involves learning about many things like:

  1. Its effects and on human body and mind,
  2. Learning to know how it occurs,
  3. Coping with the stress and studying techniques that are available to mitigate the conditions,

It is always better to know and learn things, when someone asks you the dicey question like “what is stress?” Once you its causes and effects, you can devise your own ways to reduce all stressful conditions that occur in your daily life.

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