Truth and Consequence

Truth and Consequence

Truth and Consequence – Colitis

When the boys out in the South Pacific saluted their officers and said, “Will do,” you can be pretty sure that if it was humanly possible, the task would be done because those lads had been trained in “know how.” This factor of “know how” is just as important in the conduct of our daily life as it was to the objective of winning the war.

Many cases of colitis which have honored me by coming for consultation and treatment have been the results of not “knowing how”—not knowing how to make every day adjustments to the problems of life both physically and spiritually. In some instances they really didn’t know or didn’t know how. In other cases, they simply didn’t care to know.

I have always believed that most people have a certain amount of innate good sense and that very few of them would willingly do anything detrimental to their life if they fully understood the consequences of such action. Hence it has been my endeavor throughout this book and throughout my professional life to inform people how to live their life with respect to the food digestion canal in such a way as to spare it injury. Ignorance of the law of Nature is no excuse and Nature is a stern bookkeeper. Nobody ever gets away with anything really. The day of reckoning may be postponed but the damage in the meantime draws compound interest.

It seems almost unnecessary to say that one should attempt to live skillfully because there is much pleasure in doing so. In no instance is the need for living skillfully more important than in the matter of living at peace with the inner man—your food digestion canal!

There are certain fundamental components to what I choose to regard as truth with respect to colitis. Perhaps the basic thing is to realize that anything you put “inside” of you is really still external to you until it has been digested, absorbed and assimilated in your body. This is the prime function of the food digestion canal—a function directed toward filling your greatest need in life—nourishment! Toward the attainment of that objective skill should be exerted in selecting the right food (diet) regulating one’s eating and drinking habits (hygiene) and maintaining one’s digestive capacities (health). The way to maintain one’s digestive abilities is by having normal blood and by shielding the digestive tract from harmful nervous influences and from inflammation which will distress it and interfere with its proper functioning.

Much success could be attained in maintaining your physical status by periodic health examinations. Go to your family doctor once a year, have a thorough physical examination, including a complete blood count and hemoglobin test, also urine analysis and feces examination. In the foregoing chapters you have read an explanation of how important it is to have good normal blood. By so doing you will have good normal digestive juices!

The blood examination will be a good starting point on the check-up of your intestinal tract. The urine analysis and feces examination will give additional data showing how well you are handling the food after it has been digested. These laboratory tests and the actual physical examination are things the doctor, your family doctor, can do for you. However, there is one thing that he cannot do for you. He cannot live your life. He can tell you what to do and then leave it to your own good sense to follow his instructions. He can lay out a diet, prescribe certain medicines and advise a regime of activity. These are his duties as a physician but you cannot reasonably expect him to also be a policeman. You cannot expect that he will be forever at your elbow with a cautioning word as to “don’t do this” or “don’t do that.” After all your life is yours to live.

You are the captain of the ship and the responsibility is yours. This is particularly true with regard to your mental outlook. You should try your very best to attain a well-balanced, sane view of life. You should make the attainment of calmness a definite goal. You should have a fixed objective, a definite philosophy of life, for without it one scarcely knows why he is living.

One further word of the truth about colitis as I see it. I have said heretofore that when a patient is about 90 percent cured of colitis, he is at the most critical stage of the disease. The reason for this statement is that about that time he begins to get ideas, none of them good. He thinks that he can scoff at the diet and take a fling at forbidden fruit. Needless to say, he is soon disillusioned. I am quite sure that if this same man saw his neighbor putting out a fire he would pronounce him crazy if after putting out half the fire he put on his coat and walked out for a cup of coffee or a short snort.

Any fool would know that when he came back from his recess that he would have lost all the advantage he gained by his former firefighting. So too, it is with colitis. Just as no fire is out until the last ember is cold, so too with colitis. It is not cured until the patient has completely conquered the disorder and has lived along sensible dietetic lines long enough to build up the tissues of the colon and has restored it to a normal function.

This takes time and patience, and still more patience—but it does get results. Just as there is no royal road to riches, so too there is no short cut to long life.

Long life can only be attained by health and the reasonable exercise of a healthy body. If you have been, or still are, a victim of colitis, bear in mind the truths set forth in the foregoing paragraphs or take the consequence, which might well be.


Truth and Consequence Written By: J. F. Montague, M.D.,  How to Overcome Colitis

Adhesions, 159
Air swallowing, as cause of “gas,”
Alcohol in relation to colitis, 209-
Allergy, food, 128-131
Anemia and colitis, 259-263 Antibiotics as cause of colitis, 97
proper use of, 117 Antihistaminics, use of, 119
side effects of, 119 Appendicitis, 6, 140-145
mistaken for colitis, 134-135, 141
resulting from colitis, 69 Appendicostomy, 133
Arthritis, caused by colitis, 69
in relation to colitis, 270-272 Aureomycin, as cause of colitis, 97
Backache in relation to colitis, 273
Bacteria in food digestion canal, 69
Bad  manners  as  cause  of colitis,
Beans, dried, as cause of “gas,” 18 Beer, as cause of colitis, 210-211 Belching, 13
Bicarbonate, misuse of, 14, 82 Bladder trouble and colitis, 234-236 Bloating, 13
caused by drinking cold fluids, 14
caused by frustrated love, 15 Blood, in bowel movements, 57, 65 “Blow-out  pockets”   in  the  colon,
“Blues,” fits of, 61 Bowel movements, 43
size of, significance, 56
weakness after, 56
Bran, as cause of colitis, 91, 99 Brussels sprouts as cause of “gas,”
Burping, 13, 14
“Butterflies” in stomach, 56
Cabbage, as cause of “gas,” 18 Cancer, caused by colitis, 105 Cancer, control of, 65, 172, 173
diagnosis of, 176, 177
early discovery of, 138
in   relation  to  colitis  and  constipation, 170
Cardiospasm, 40
Catarrhal colitis, 104-105
explanation, 166
symptoms of, 165
with spasm, 165-167
Cathartics, as cause of colitis, 91,
Cauliflower, as cause of “gas,” 18
Chemicals used in food, harm of, 139
Chewing gum, as cause of “gas,” 18
Children with colitis, 221-225
Chocolate, as cause of “gas,” 18
Cigarettes effect of, 109 in relation to colitis, 193-203
Citrus fruit, as cause of “gas,” 18
Coffee, as cause of “gas,” 18
Coffee drinking, as a cause of colitis, 205-209
Colectomy, 132
“Cold in the bladder,” 234
Colitis, and anemia, 259-263
and arthritis, 270-272
and backache, 273
and bladder trouble, 234-236
and eye diseases, 248-250
and female complaints, 230-233
and gall bladder disease, 251-253
and heart disease, 257-258
and liver diseases, 251-253
and prostate trouble, 267-269
and rectal ailments, 264-266
and rheumatic pains, 262
and skin diseases, 237-241
and stomach ulcer, 254-256
catarrhal, 104-105, 165-167 conditions confused with, 30-31 course of, 104-107
cure of, 66
effects of, 61
in children, 221-225 in elderly people, 227-229 increase in, 69 medicines used in, 114-122 occurrence of, 67-72
reason  for tendency to become
chronic, 62
spastic, 191
symptoms of, 61
treatment by hormones, 117-118 treatment by surgery, 132-135 ulcerative, 178-181
varieties of, 32-33
Colon, crazy, 28-29 examination of, 63, 64
Colon irrigations, as cause of colitis, 91, 102
Colostomy, 132
Conditions mistaken for colitis, 135-137
as cause of “gas,” 18
as a symptom of colitis, 58 cause of, 42-43
in relation to colitis and cancer, 168

INDEX    287
Control of colitis, 107-113 Cooking,
importance of, 161-165
proper, 95
Cornstarch enema, use of, 115 Cortisone, use of, 117, 282 Cucumber, as cause of “gas,” 18
Cure of colitis, 106
Cystitis, 234
Dehydration, 218
Diarrhea, as cause of “gas,” 18
Diet, in colitis, 123-127
in diverticulosis, 150-153 Digestion, 40-44
Distension of abdomen, 26, 27
of bowel, 51
Diverticula, 16
Diverticulosis, complications of, 152
description of, 146-150
mistaken for colitis, 136
rules for, 153
treatment of, 150-153
Drinks, ice cold, 28
Drugs,   causing   intestinal   disturbance, 130
Duodenal ulcer, mistaken for colitis, 135 Dysentery, 243-247
Eggs, as cause of “gas,” 18
Elderly people, colitis in, 227-229 Emotional disturbances, as cause of
colitis, 61, 68
Enemas, as cause of colitis, 102       cornstarch, use of, 115
how properly to give, 115
Eye diseases and colitis, 248-250
“Fallen stomach,” 158
Fecal impaction, mistaken for colitis, 136
Feeling of depression, cause of, 61 “Female complaints” in colitis, 230-
Fermentation, as cause of “gas,” 19 Flatulence, 17-20
Food, as cause of colitis, 84
eaten hastily, 18
fads, 95
fatty, 18
highly seasoned, 88
how digested, 37-41
ice cold, 86
passage of, 50
raw, 94
rich, 18
spiced, 28
Food allergy, 128-131
Food digestion canal, anatomy of, 34-47
function of, 36-40
sphincters or control gates  37-43
Food poisoning, mistaken for colitis, 138
Freckles, as a sign of intestinal disease, 155
Fruit sprays, as cause of intestinal disturbance, 138
Gall bladder,
disease and colitis, 251-253 infected, as cause of colitis, 82 trouble mistaken for colitis, 136
Garlic, as cause of “gas,” 18
Gas, 6, 7, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19
caused by carbonated drinks, 92 formed from food, 15, 16 intestinal, function of, 53
“Gas on stomach,” 15, 16, 21-23 relief of, 23
Gastritis, 158
Gulping of food, as cause of “gas,” 18
Gurgling in abdomen, 25
Halitosis, 240
Headache, in relation to colitis, 277
disease and colitis, 257-258 failing as cause of “gas,” 20
“Heartburn” 40-56
Hemorrhoids, as cause of “gas,” 19 mistaken for colitis, 137
Hormones, in colitis, 117
“Hot dogs,” 28
Human relations, as a cause of colitis, 189-192
Hypochondriacs, justification of, 112
Ileitis, 30 Ileostomy, 132 Ileo-secal, 41
“Internal warts,” 154-157 Intestinal flu, 81, 144 Intestinal grumbling, 26
noises, significance of, 27 Intestines, function of, 47-54
source of infection, 53 Iron tonics, causing colitis, 97 Irrigations, of colon, 120-122
sodium bicarbonate, 121
Juices, raw, harm of, 89
Jungle disease and colitis, 243-247
Kaolin, use of, 115
Kidney ailments, mistaken for colitis, 137
“Kidney trouble” in relation to colitis, 275
Lack of energy, cause, 61
Laxative, as cause of “gas,” 18, 112     as cause of colitis, 100

288    INDEX
Rules for travelers in tropics, 246-
Rumbling in abdomen, 25
Sciatica, in relation to colitis, 273 Skin diseases and colitis, 237-241 Smoking, in relation to colitis, 193-
“Soapsuds enema,” 102, 103 Soda pop, 28
Sodium bicarbonate, 102
Solar plexus, 44
Spasm of the bowel, 51
Spastic colitis, 165-167, 191 “Stomach problems,” 6
Stomach ulcer,
and colitis, 254-256
mistaken for colitis, 134-135
stools, ribbon-like, 61
Sulfa drugs, as cause of colitis, 97 Surgery in colitis, 133-135
Tapeworms, as cause of “gas,” 20,
88, 162
Tea drinking, benefits of, 208-209 Teeth,  bad,  as  cause  of  intestinal
trouble, 81
Tenderness,   areas  of,  in  intestinal
ailments, 55
Terramycin, as cause of colitis, 97 Thirst, as a guide, 216-217
Tobacco, as a cause of colitis, 191-
Tomatoes, as cause of “gas,” 18, 89 Travelers in tropics, rules for, 246-
“Trots,” explanation, 67
Turnips, as cause of “gas,” 18 Typhoid, 88
Ulcerative colitis, 178-181
Vitamin B Complex, 131 Vitamin C, 89, 130
“Warts” in the colon, 154-157 Water,
drinking, importance of, 91
drinking with meals, 92
great value of, 213-219
infected,   as   cause   of   intestinal disease, 88
use   of   to   eliminate   desire   to
smoke, 215
“Weak kidneys,” 235
Whiskey, use of in colitis, 211
Wine, as a cause of colitis, 210-211 Wonder drugs, 116
Worms, as cause of “gas,” 19
mistaken for colitis, 138
symptoms of, 161-162
treatment of, 164
X-ray, examination, 64, 65
Leek, as cause of “gas,” 18
Leg pains, in relation to colitis, 277 Lettuce, as cause of “gas,” 18
Liver ailments, mistaken for colitis,
Liver diseases and colitis, 251-253 Loss of weight, cause of, 62 Lumbago, in relation to colitis, 273
Medicines used in colitis, 114-122 Melon, as cause of “gas,” 18
Milk, as cause of “gas,” 18
ice cold, harmful effects of, 85, 86 Mineral  oil,  in  intestinal ailments,
Mineral waters, 99 Mixer craze, 96 Mucus, function of, 29, 57
in bowel movement, 57
Nerve balance, rules for, 187-188 Nervous breakdown in relation to
colitis,  182-189
“Nervous indigestion,” 6
Nervous system, internal, 44-46 Neuritis, in relation to colitis, 273 Noises within abdomen, 25-27
Onions, as cause of “gas,” 18
Orange juice, as cause of “gas,” 18 Overeating, 131
as cause of “gas on stomach,” 14, 15, 18
abdominal, significance, 56
areas of, in intestinal ailments, 55 colicky, 53
Parasites,   intestinal,   as   cause   of “gas,” 19
Pectin, use of, 115
Penicillin, as cause of colitis, 97
Peristalsis, 41
Personality, in colitis, 184-189
Polyposis, 16, 154-157
Prostate trouble and colitis, 267-269
Protection   against   intestinal   infection, 89
Protein milk, use of in colitis, 223-225
Psoriasis, 240
Psychoneurotic, 78
Psychosomatic ailments, 182-189
Ptosis, 158
Purgatives, as cause of colitis, 100
Putrefaction, as cause of “gas,” 19
Radishes, as cause of “gas,” 18 Rectal ailments, and colitis, 264-266 Rectosigmoidoscope, 63
Rectum, examination of, 63, 64 Reducing medicines, 91, 100, 101 Relief from colitis, 106
“Rheumatic” pains and colitis, 262

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