Yeast Infection Food Cure

Yeast Infection Food Cure

Can I Cure My Yeast Infection with Food?  Yes! Your about to learn about a proven natural yeast infection food cure.

I understand that candida, the fungi responsible for yeast infections, is a naturally occurring flora in the human body.  Also, I understand that it experiences growth spurts when the natural bacteria in the mucous of the vagina is depleted due to antibiotics or other reasons.  Since these are naturally occurring flora in the body, is it possible to cure my yeast infection with food rather than medications?  If these are concerns of yours, the simple answer is yes.

yeast infection and food and cureWhat Causes a Yeast Infection?

Before discussing what to consume to cure your yeast infection with food, it is important to be aware of what can cause a yeast infection and what other preventative measures you can take to avoid these problems.  Yeast infections can be caused by an irritation to the genitalia that leads to an imbalance in the Ph of that area, an antibiotic regimen, some spermicides, non-breathable clothing and even birth control pills.

Therefore, it is always important to avoid tight-fitting clothing or things that trap heat and moisture, like lycra and nylon.  If these infections are recurring, try changing birth control methods, or change your diet to insure a more regulated system.  In other words, cure your yeast infection problems with food.

What Should a Yeast Infection Diet Consist of?

The number one staple in your refrigerator if your intent is to cure yeast infections with food is yogurt.  Not just any yogurt off the shelves, though.  It must contain lactobacillus acidophilus, or the bacteria responsible for controlling candida albicans in the body.  In addition to yogurt, add digestive enzymes, super green food, fungal immune system food and probiotics everyday.

Now that you know what to eat, it is important to understand what to avoid.  To cure your yeast infection with food, it becomes important to avoid the foods that candida thrives on.  These include sugars, vinegars, alcohol and caffeine.  You may also consider going on an Alkaline diet for more success.  This type of diet favors lentils, fruits, vegetables, tubers, seeds and sprouts over fowls, dairy products, grasses and seafood for a most alkaline system.

For those who suffer chronic yeast infections, it is important to find ways to control them without having to rely solely on over-the-counter or prescription medications.  For those who never want another, the preventative cure to any yeast infection may be food.   Simply avoid those things you really should not eat anyway, wear comfortable clothing and live a happier itch-free life.

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