Yeast Infection Signs To Watch For

Yeast Infection Signs To Watch For

For those who have had a yeast infection and have been treated it is easy to spot the signs. Although if you don’t know the yeast infection signs then you may have suffered from this condition and never known the source of your discomfort.

 yeast infection signsCandida yeast infections have many signs and not everyone will suffer from all the yeast infection signs. Some signs include burning, itching, redness and other problems. You should treat yeast infection signs right away before any more serious complications set in and the condition becomes worse.

You likely haven’t experienced a yeast infection if you are young and not sexually active. For those who haven’t had the condition before it is easy to not realize yeast infection signs and not be aware that you have contracted the pesky problem of this women’s condition. Although it is likely that you have a family member or close friend who has gone through the condition at least once before.

Without treatment you won’t be able to get rid of yeast infection signs. In fact the longer the infection is left untreated the worse the symptoms will become. This is why it is important to discuss the issue with someone close to you when you experience yeast infection signs. Talking with another woman who you feel comfortable talking with about feminine matters or a doctor can help you to determine if you are in fact experiencing yeast infection signs.

What Are The Signs?

After having this condition once it will become easy to quickly spots the signs of a yeast infection. “Vaginitis” is another common term for this condition, but there are other similar conditions such as trichomonas and bacterial infections that can cause similar symptoms. When you have a yeast infection you will have itching and burning on the outer vaginal area accompanied by redness and inflammation of the labia with a heavy, odorous vaginal discharge.

The infection can travel to the urethra if you ignore these “red flag” yeast infection signs which can cause the most dreaded female condition, a urinary tract infection, which can be very painful. While you may be able to ignore a yeast infection signs and hope they go away, you will not be able to ignore the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection will often have bloody urine, a constant feeling to urinate and intolerable pain when urinating. Although your doctor can often treat both of these conditions with the same medication and at the same time.

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