Ab Exercises For Couples

Ab Exercises For Couples

Ab exercises for two!

We may dream of washboard abs like Jessica Simpson or Matthew McConaughey but, let’s face it, we can’t always find the motivation to push ourselves through a round of ab exercises at the end of the day.

One not-so-secret motivational strategy is to exercise with your sweetheart. Couples usually find that they are more motivated to exercise when they do it together. They hit the gym more regularly and enjoy a more playful, active lifestyle.

Aerobic activities like running and cycling are natural ways to get fit and have fun together. So are team sports. However, cardio exercise alone isn’t enough to achieve a well-defined eight-pack. In their quest for physical fitness, too many couples overlook the basics like ab exercises.

Ab exercises are a critical component of any fitness routine. They build abdominal core strength, improve posture and reduce risk of back pain or injury. Get more out of your ab workout—and your relationship—by incorporating ab exercises for two into your regime today.

Here are a few effective ab exercises for two to get you started.

Medicine Ball Sit-Ups:

Partner A lies flat on the floor with his or her knees bent.
Partner B is standing with his or her feet lightly on top of Partner A’s toes.
Partner B tosses the medicine ball towards Partner A’s abdomen.
Partner A catches the ball and raises it over and behind his or her head until the ball rests on the ground.
Partner A rises into a full sit-up and tosses the ball to Partner B.
Complete 12 sets.
Switch roles and repeat.

Leg Throws:

Partner A lies flat on the floor with his or her head between Partner B’s feet and hands grasping Partner B’s ankles.
With lower back pressed against the floor, Partner A presses legs together and lifts them slowly towards Partner B.
Partner B pushes Partner A’s legs back towards the floor.
Partner A swings legs back up in a fluid, controlled motion before they have a chance to hit the floor.
Complete 12 sets.
Switch roles and repeat.

This final exercise was developed by Laura Keeler and staff at the London Workout Teachers’ Training Centre in Philadelphia.

Tummy Crunch, Holding Hands

Both partners should lie on their backs with their feet facing each other and their legs extended.
Raise legs to a 90° angle and press them against partner’s legs.
Move bodies towards each other until buttocks touch.
Reach towards each other and hold hands.
By contracting core abdominal muscles, Partner A lifts Partner B into a stomach crunch.
Alternate roles, slowly and deliberately.
Build up to 10 repetitions per partner.
But don’t stop here. Many gyms offer aerobic, strength training and yoga classes for couples. There are also DVDs and books with ab exercises designed specifically for partners to perform together.

With discipline and a few well-chosen ab exercises, you and your partner could soon be showing off impressive abs of your own.

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