Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment: Don’t Expect Instantaneous Results

The main aim of any good acne treatment method is of course that the treatment method chosen must help to reduce excess production of oil while at the time ensuring the speeding up in turnover of skin cells. In addition, it should also combat bacterial infections as well as reduces the inflammation and of course the most ideal acne treatment method must aim to do all these four things simultaneously. However, even when resorting to prescription acne treatment you should not expect instantaneous results because it usually takes between four and eight weeks to see the desired results; also, be prepared to see worsening of the condition before things improve.

Ask A Dermatologist

The right person to recommend proper skin acne treatment medications of course is a dermatologist or your physician who will study your problem and then prescribe suitable medications that can be applied to the affected areas or taken orally. In the case of consuming medications orally you should ensure that these medications are not taken during pregnancy and more especially not during the beginning trimester.

There are several options open in regard to type of acne treatment that can be used for teens and adults alike. Topical treatments are a common solution and one that requires applying of acne lotions that will dry up skin oil as well as destroy bacteria and at the same time promotes sloughing of the deadened skin cells.

Another skin acne treatment option is using antibiotics that are especially effective when used to combat severe or even moderate instances of acne. Taking oral prescription medications can be tried out to control inflammation as well as to reduce bacteria; remember however that it may require taking of these antibiotics for several months to achieve desired results.

Cyst acne is a special form of acne for which the best acne treatment would require use of more than antibiotics. Isotertinoin is a medication that packs a strong punch and it is especially useful in dealing with the scars caused by cyst acne and for treating other acne conditions that don’t respond well to the more common types of acne treatments.

Other acne treatment options include laser as well as light therapy and taking of oral contraceptives as well as undergoing cosmetic procedures. If you are wondering which the best acne treatment method is then you should first of all consider tapping the power of Mother Nature and only if this does not prove successful should you expand your search to look for prescription and non-prescription medications. The advantage of a natural acne treatment is that it effectively helps you get rid of acne while at the same time being very safe to use.

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