Arthritis Joint Pain

Arthritis Joint Pain

Living With Arthritis Joint Pain

Whatever type of arthritis you may suffer from one day or currently there is just no getting around the pain. As arthritis is inflammation of the joints, every move you make could be an excruciating one for you.

If you were suffering from arthritis joint pain, hopefully it would be in a region where the joint can get rest. If however say you suffer from arthritis knee pain or ankle pain the best would be just to stay off your feet a lot of the time. You would be very limited to doing most types of work if you suffered from arthritis joint pain in the foot, ankles and knees, not to mention the fingers and wrists.

Unfortunately you may even resort to not working anymore, as by merely doing your work is painful. With this problem you might find that you might be “bordered” which means you will receive a government disability benefits with arthritis as you cannot go work in the public sector anymore, due to too much time off or not being able to carry out your work functions.

If you are one of the lucky ones, that your hands and wrists and fingers are fine then you could opt for working from home where you don’t spend as much time on your feet by running around from office to office, or you could even continue working, but with the use of a wheel chair could still continue. No you will not be a paraplegic, but it would just help not being on your feet for too long.

Arthritis joint pain can be remedied with operations, and the pain can be alleviated by using a pain killer in the beginning stages, and then moving onto more prescribed medication as the problem increases.

As there are many chemical medications and holistic methods that aid in arthritis pain, one still needs to be careful and consult your physician beforehand.

It’s In The DNA!

Unfortunately arthritis joint pain is a problem that one can inherit, yes it is in the genes and there is no guarantee that you will get it nor that you will not. The one thing for certain, as the weather gets colder so the pain gets worse, just like any other bone injury you may have suffered. There have been cases where families have arthritis in their genes but the gene itself has not been passed on to the child.

Remember  if you are young your body needs calcium and vitamin D for good strong healthy bones to develop, it is no different when you are older.

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