Allergies Understanding This Condition

Allergies Understanding This Condition

Yes, it is the time for allergies again: you are running a fever, have used tissue thrown all over the room since you could not see past your watery eyes to make it to the trash can and can’t stop itching from hives. You are, to simply put it, miserable. Of course, you contact your doctor and explain what is going on, convinced that you are (once again) dying from some strange disease. Or, at the very least, you have an unnatural flu. He will kindly explain that you are suffering from the annoying problem of
allergies, offer the advice of rest and cold medicine and then send you on your way.

If that sounds like a bleak but familiar picture, then you do indeed have allergies. Stop holding onto the idea that you have some odd allergic disease that people refuse to diagnose; there is nothing odd about this. In fact, millions upon millions suffer the same allergy symptoms and annoyances that you do. What many of the millions fail to recognize, however, is what allergies actually are and what they can do about them.

To explain it simply, allergies are the body’s reactions to certain factors. Usually, these factors are harmless (animal fur, pollen, etc.) to people but, in other cases, a body sees them as harmful substances. To protect itself, the body will produce histamine, a kind of byproduct of the antibodies the body creates to help itself. This is what causes the symptoms of allergies: the sneezing, coughing, fever, etc. Histamine reacts, sometimes violently, and creates the problems you later face.

Of course, there are ways to deal with allergies. The simplest of those is to avoid the cause of them as much as possible. For example, if cat hair is your downfall, then stay away from cats. Animal lover or not, you should not risk a reaction. If you have problems with pollen, then avoiding spending great amounts of time outdoors and keeping your windows shut during the pollen seasons will certainly help. If you are allergic to certain foods, then avoid them at all costs and also know what is being served during meals. There are always simple steps to take to keep yourself from having frequent reactions.

And there are, for some allergies, shots and medications you can use. These can help prevent your body from having reactions before they even begin, which will certainly make things easier for you. You should contact your doctor and see what medicine is available for your specific problems.

As annoying, and sometimes life threatening, as allergies are, you do have to remember one thing: they can be controlled. You just have to plan around them. We are not saying that you have to be drastic, such as never going outside if you are allergic to pollen, but there are simple steps to take to help keep things from growing out of hand. Medication and basic planning
will go far here. Know what you are allergic to and go from there.

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