Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks: Very Scary Experiences

An anxiety attack is a very frightening and scary thing for both the person going through the attack and the people around him or her seeing it happen. It is a very real and very scary thing to have happen to you and you can feel like you are out of control and your heart is going to explode. During your attack you can also become weak and shaky and start sweating profusely. You most likely won’t be able to think in a rational manner while you are having an anxiety attack so it is hard to process what is happening to you. You can feel like you just can’t catch your breath and like you can’t swallow as well.

Your anxiety attack can make you feel like you are trapped inside your own head and you can’t do anything about it. You feel powerless to stop the overwhelming fear and anxiety that you are feeling. For some people, their anxiety attacks can be so severe that the heart palpitations that they experience can send them to the hospital because they feel they are having a heart attack. Experts believe about 20% of the people in the United States have some sort of anxiety attack at some point in their lives.

If you have never had an anxiety attack, it is easy to disregard a person who has one as just being silly and wonder why they just don’t stop worrying and why they let themselves get so worked up. It is not that easy, though. People who truly have an anxiety disorder are not overreacting. They just can not control their anxiety because they have a disease. Their body is reacting as if they were in a dangerous situation when really there is no danger and it is not easy to stop that from happening.

Sometimes people who have anxiety attacks have a chemical imbalance in their brains that cause their body to react rather extremely to a situation that is in no way life threatening or dangerous. During an anxiety attack, the body instinctively tries to go into protective mode and deal with the fear and anxiety that is produced, which only causes more stress and fear in the person. An anxiety attack is an extreme reaction to a situation that is mildly or very stressful but not dangerous or life threatening.

In many ways, a panic attack is much like an anxiety attack. Panic attacks are about as common as anxiety attacks in the United States. Anxiety attacks are best dealt with by taking either anti-anxiety prescription drugs or anti-depressant prescription drugs or both. It can also dealt with by attending some sort of therapy. This is what most doctors recommend.

Anxiety attacks are frightening and difficult to deal with. They can be very overwhelming. It is important to educate yourself and understand your disorder and know what your anxiety treatment options are. You should talk to your doctor about what you learn.


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