Cancer Operation Advice

Cancer Operation Advice

What Must We Do? Cancer Operation

Many people approach us with the question: “What must we do when we are threatened with an operation?” My advice would be in the first place not to let things go so far. Do not wait until it has become necessary to operate. The time to study the Grape Diet is while you are well and then the chances are that you never will be sick. The Grape Diet is so simple, that you can learn the directions by heart, so that when disease strikes your home, you may know exactly what to do. No one tries to give a drowning person a lesson in swimming. So be prepared.

But if this knowledge has come to you late, do not despair. No one in the world can force you, if you are of age, to undergo an operation. No surgeons, no medical laws can compel you to submit to the dreaded scalpel. Too often an operation is the first resort and you are rushed to the hospital in a dazed and panic-stricken state. It should be the last resort. Every other method should have been employed before you permit the delicate nerves and tissues of your body to be severed.

There is a permanent interruption in the circulation and in the flow of the vital magnetic fluid. In this book we do not dwell on the complications arising from these operations, the ruptures, adhesions, abnormal growths, weak hearts, shattered nerves and ruined digestions. Get reliable books on the subject and read—study this terrible important question from every point of view.

Ask Your Doctor

Ask your doctor to watch the results. We have met so many open-minded medical men who are fervently anxious to find a real cure for cancer, that we have no hesitation in giving this advice. Your doctor is the right man to super¬vise your case under the Grape Diet. He may refuse; well, then send for some other physician and if you are not successful, start right out on grapes and send for an experienced drugless physician. We want you to try your doctor first, because it is only by persuading the physicians to watch the marvelous results of this diet that we can hope to spread it over the whole world quickly.

There is one sentence which occurs in every letter written by me to the editors and physicians of this country:— “All I ask of America, dear sirs, is an opportunity to demonstrate this method in your country.”

To demonstrate. Can anything be more fair, more reasonable? One who sets out to prove a cause must have some¬thing solid to build upon. Woe to all who set such a plea aside.

No one can heal except nature. It is by the power of mother nature that we are healed. No one can renew the oxygen in one’s lungs except one’s self. Ignorance of these laws of nature is keeping the world in the bondage of disease.

Your doctor may be puzzled by the strange action and reaction—we call them healing crises—occurring under the Grape Diet. Then ask him to consult with someone who is experienced along these lines. The Grape Diet itself is very simple but in cases of real danger the first results may be highly complicated.

Do not treat yourself without reliable advice.

Is This Faith Healing?

The laws for nature have nothing to do with faith. The sun rises on the just and unjust alike. Water quenches thirst. Food satisfies. You need no faith to enjoy them. You may bury yourself in an underground chamber and the sun will not rise on you. You may refuse to eat and drink and the laws of nature no longer exist for you. You are not co-operating with Nature.

If healing depended on faith, only the “faithful” would be well. Do we find them so? Indeed, no! There can be no more sorry spectacle on earth than the diseased, deformed, stunted, degenerated bodies of the believing (i. e. civilized) races of the earth. Compare them with the superb bodies of the heathen tribes.

I am not trying to belittle faith. Faith is the mainspring of my life, the driving-power by which I have been enabled to conquer a terrible disease. But faith alone would not have saved me. I would have died of cancer like everyone else who is afflicted with this scourge if I had depended on faith only. What can I say or do to make this point clear? “Faith without works is dead

It is the want of harmony between precept and practice that we see around us that takes the heaviest toll of life. The “faithful” pray for deliverance from the consequences of their evil deeds. Prayer does not save them, because they continue the wrong habits, the sins, that have caused their diseases.

“Go and Sin No More”

Does not this divine saying imply that disease is caused by sin? Our own or the sins of our forefathers? Transgression against the laws of nature—that is at the root of all our afflictions, and transgression, is generally due to ignorance of the law.

We appeal to our readers and fellow workers to help to combat this destructive ignorance.

The Grape Cure is a divine gift. We therefore invite our readers and patients to advance the cause by making this book known.

Educational and Preventive

Help us to check the growing danger by constructive and natural means. By surgery the evil hour is frequently postponed. In the grape diet we may have a remedy, more than that, a sure þreventative. Join hands with us in the educational and healing campaign on which we are engaged.

This book is being published at a most auspicious moment in America. You are on the eve of the grape season. Make the coming Grape Season a memorable one by converting it into a Festival of Grapes. The news of a nation-wide heal¬ing movement in the United States will soon filter through to other countries. Great Britain will be the next to benefit, with her wide dominions. Soon the Grape Cure will be translated into the European and Oriental languages.

The Need Is Urgent

The purification of the body with a pure grape diet is going to have far-reaching results. I am not a calamity prophet, far from it, but I foresee great upheavals in the near future. There are signs in earth and sea and sky that cannot be overlooked. I use my common sense and watch the head-long course of so-called civilization. The great World War seems to have been forgotten. Some¬thing infinitely more disastrous is pending. How shall we meet it? Or better still, how can we avert it?

By the Promotion of Harmony on Earth

The old method of reforming “the other fellow” is useless. We must begin with ourselves. We must start on the lowest vehicle—the physical body—and gradually work up to perfection of mind and spirit. Written By Johanna Brandt N.D.Ph.N., A.M., Continue Reading: Chapter 11 – Prevention and Cause of Cancer

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