Cause of Cancer – Prevention

Cause of Cancer – Prevention

Prevention and Cause of Cancer

When we hear of children being born with cancer we ask, what is there in the lives of the mothers of the twentieth century that causes the transmission of this infection to their offspring? Those children have not transgressed against the laws of nature but seem to have been nourished with cancerous substances before birth.

An appalling state of affairs was revealed in an issue of the Journal of the American Association for Medico-Physical Research by the former president of the society, Dr. Frederick Dugdale, of Boston. He stated that nineteen children in every hundred who reach the age of ten show evidence of cancer.

The Use of Inorganic Substances

By watching my own case and investigating the habits of the parents of cancer patients, I have come to the conclusion that cancer is due, not so much to wrong living, artificial hours and the high pressure of modern life, as to the excessive use of common table salt, baking powder and the whole army of mineral drugs and essences prepared in the laboratory.

The human body does not possess the power of assimilating, utilizing or eliminating inorganic substances. They are of an immensely harmful nature and in times their corroding action on the nerves and tissues promotes irritating conditions in the entire system. Nature does not lie down to the task but collects the poisons and deposits them in some out-of-the-way place. A cancer is formed. That this usually happens in a weak spot, sluggish organ or bruise, is probably due to the fact that the invading substance meets with little or no resistance in tissues in which the nerves are inactive or have been injured. A bruise will not develop into a cancer in a healthy body. The cause is in the mineral-laden blood.

In South Africa, many people “draw out” cancer with herbal poultices. They have had great results in some cases. The wound caused by this process becomes a sort of safety-valve through which so much poison is eliminated that the patient is saved from an immediate recurrence of the disease. But it “gets” him in the end. So great is the suffering entailed in the “drawing” process, that many die under it.

After careful. investigation of these and other methods, we come back to the grape diet. It has its limitations, like everything else, when the system of the patient is so low that there is no co-operation, but I know of no other method by which such quick results may be obtained. This is its first recommendation. There is no time to lose in treating a real cancer. The second advantage is the solvent properties of the grape.

It seemingly breaks up the inorganic poisons by which cancer has been formed. Third, its powerful stimulation of the nerves under which the avenues of excretion become so magnificently active. (Note how eruptions, diarrhea and other complications occur under this drastic stimulus). And last but not least, its amazing power of building new tissue. I have said it several times but I must repeat it here. I believe the secret of the Grape Cure in wasting diseases is to be found in the rich proteids supplied by the grape.

But there must be far more than this at the back of it and I spent many hours in deep concentration before I discovered the real explanation of the mystery.

The Most Magnetic Food

Charged with the magnetism of the sun, this Queen of Fruits, more than any other, restores and revitalizes the depleted forces of the cancer patient. Every tendril is a living receiver of cosmic magnetism. Its many-pointed leaves, forming many triangles, absorb vital essences from the air.

A perfect grape is circular in form and a bunch of grapes resembles a triangle. Students of mysticism and occultism know what these two symbols—the circle and the triangle—represent.

To come back to the cause of cancer — inorganic substances in the system. The terms organic and inorganic are much abused and little understood. Let us use the words “dead” and “alive” in¬stead, for the sake of convenience. Inorganic matter is dead; organic matter is alive.

Man was never meant to use dead matter, such as iron, so-called refined table salt, over-cooked foods, etc., as either food or medicine. The human body does not possess the power of assimilating dead or inorganic substances. And yet it is largely composed of minerals and other “dead” matter! All foods that require cooking, should be steam-cooked.

In the first chapter of Genesis, in the wonderful allegory of the Creation, we find the explanation of this seeming in-consequence. It takes the form of dietetics and it is the only injunction laid upon man for the maintenance of life.


“Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed: to you it shall be for meat.”

Man was created a fruitarian. That is to say that although his body was made of the dust of the earth (minerals) his well-being depends on his use of the fruits of the earth (this term includes what we call vegetables). The first, last and only rule of life, after man had received the power of reproducing his kind and of holding dominion over living things that moved on earth and in water and air, was concerned with food. With an impressive “Behold!” his attention is drawn to it.

Fruit of the Vine as a Sacrament

It has taken us nearly two thousand years to understand the real significance of the introduction of the fruit of the vine as a sacrament. Is it not possible that the GREAT PHYSICIAN knew that in this delicate fruit everything was contained necessary for the healing of the body, as well as for the uplifting of the spiritual faculties?

To fashion the body of clay (minerals) and then to nourish it with vegetable matter seems ridiculous. When science discovered the elements of which the body is made and found that disease is caused by a deficiency of one or more of them, it set about the fabrication of foods, tonics, powders and pills containing these elements in an inorganic form.

Here 1 believe we have the cause of chronic diseases—the real cause of the increase of cancer and

That this violation of the law of nature which decrees that the animal kingdom shall feed upon the vegetable and the vegetable upon the mineral is, in the first place, the cause of cancer, and

The second cause is the use of meat— the mineral-laden blood of animals. We have to pay for every transgression and in overlooking the divine injunction to live on the fruits of the earth, we have exposed ourselves to the most ghastly, the most insidious disease.

Thirdly, the use of cooked foods, whether animal or vegetable.

Every kitchen stove is a laboratory on which the living essence (organic salts) is converted into dead matter (inorganic poisons.)

For years I was puzzled to know why cancer patients were unable to take cooked foods—why in my own case, re¬lapses were brought on by the use of made dishes. I was a strict vegetarian long before I succeeded in curing myself. This proves that in a real case of cancer, it is not enough to abstain from meat. Vegetarianism alone will not save one when once the disease has taken root, not if the foods are cooked, salted or seasoned.

With the increase of cancer and tuberculosis there is a marked decrease in acute diseases.

What is the real difference between chronic and acute diseases?

Acute diseases are healing processes.

Chronic diseases are destructive processes.

Typhoid fever is evidence of Nature’s efforts to expel the invading germ. A common cold is a healing process. Cancer is not. Cancer is the death and disintegration of a given part in a living body. I am convinced this is due to the presence of corrosive substances with which Nature is unable to cope.

Fasting does not effectually eliminate them. If the cancer is not too far advanced, a diet of raw fruits and vegetables may save the patient, but in extreme cases something is required by which those corroding, irritating sub¬stances may be quickly dissolved and expelled—something by which at the same time the strength of the patient may be nourished.

What is it in the grape that so effectually answers these three requirements? Perhaps some day science will discover the secret in the pure juice of the grape. Prevention and Cause of Cancer Written By Johanna Brandt N.D.Ph.N., A.M., Continue Reading: Chapter 12 – Analysis

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