Cancer Testimonials Grape Cure

Cancer Testimonials Grape Cure

Cancer Testimonials – Chapter XV Following Are Excerpts From Articles And Testimonial Letters

“The Grape Cure method of treatment is as old as civilization itself and has produced outstanding cures throughout the ages but like so many good things, we forget the old and proven treatment. It is my belief that if the Grape Cure is taken in time the patient would not need to undergo shock which an operation or X-ray and radium treatment incur.

“The Grape Cure method is a process of body cleansing and rebuilding thru natural methods. I have records of outstanding results on patients suffering from such conditions as Tuberculosis, Arthritis, and Cancer who have been restored to health thru the Grape Cure treatment. No matter how hopeless the case may appear I sincerely advise the Grape treatment.

“The Grape Cure method of treatment is nature’s own way to restore a diseased body to health. I would advise enlisting the aid of a local physician who understand the Grape method to assist with the treatment.”
—Emery C. Ingham, D.C.

“There is but one cause of disease and that is poison. We may take in poison through the air, but we manufacture most of it within ourselves from the food we eat. In every case where I have had an opportunity of verifying it, I have found that the patient was suffering from chronic intestinal stasis and that the infection by cancer was an indirect consequence of this condition.”—
Sir Arbuthnot Lane, M.Ð., London, England.

“As one who has devoted many years to the study of the disease, and having therefore had unusual opportunity for close observation in many sufferers—therefore I am loud in my pronouncement that it is a preventable and, usually, a curable malady where especially prescribed vegetarian diet is used and accepted.”—
Robert Bell, M.D., M.F.R.S., London, England.

“Cancer is not a local disease but is the local manifestation of a constitutional or a blood disease.
“From this it will be seen that a surgical operation can never cure cancer.
—Eli G. Jones, M.D. Buffalo, N.Y.

“Every drop of blood in the body of a cancer patient is infected with the cancer poison. The proper treatment of the disease, therefore, is to remove the cause.
“Stop feeding the disease! Adopt a rigid dietetic regimen. Avoid all foods that contain refined sugars and commercial salts.”—Bernarr Macfadden, New York City.

“Bread, meat and milk are our principal food stuffs and together are the staff and mainstay of civilization. Does this staff threaten to become a broken reed? Has civilization been leaning too heavily upon it? Does it not show very unmistakably signs of giving way under the strain of our artificial and conventional lives? Bread and meat taken together, I consider to be certainly the chief underlying cause and probably the true cause of cancer; and to that large issue I am committed.”—Ernest H. Tipper, M.R.C.S., England.

“Even you, my friends, with all your experience, would be amazed if you could see something of what is going on in our sanatorium in So. Africa. When the system has been prepared for the Grape Cure by the methods outlined in my book, the effect by pure grape juice is supernatural. Science may never discover its secrets, but believe me it is more potent than electricity.”—Johanna Brandt, N.D.Johanesburg, S. A.

“I have used the Grape Cure as outlined by Dr. Johanna Brandt very successfully in conjunction with spinal adjustments, water treatments, etc., in the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, rheumatism, spinal bifidea, gauches disease and a case of blindness due to chemical fumes of paint, after other remedies had failed.”—F. W. Collins, M.D., Newark, N. J.

“About a year ago I was under a doctor’s care, and had been for two months for female trouble. Kept growing worse until the doctor had to put me to bed on account of the bleeding from the uterus, and in a week from the time I was put to bed, they were going to take me to a hospital for an operation. A friend of my husband’s told him about the Grape Cure and named over several people he knew to have been cured, so when he told me I said, well, I’m not going to the hospital until I have given the Grape Cure a trial, and I began immediately, as I hadn’t eaten anything for two or three days, and in five days from the time I began the treatment, the bleeding had almost stopped and I was able to be up a short time at intervals. I remained on the exclusive grape diet for six weeks, then followed the directions in the book for the rest of the period, which altogether was forty-two days. I am 70 years of age, feel well most of the time and do all my own housework. I am a firm believer in the Grape Cure and praise it to everyone who asks about it. I am very thankful for the cure.”—Mrs. R. S.—1944.

“I wish I could shout it from the housetops that all might know how I was relieved of cancer through the exclusive grape diet. * * Imagine how I felt when the doctor told me I had cancer and advised an operation at once. * * * Here is what was accomplished in a few months: The hard painful lumps on both breasts were reduced and the wicked cancer was flushed from my system. While I was undergoing the cure, Nature secretly restored my body. On the 38th day on the exclusive grape diet, I noticed the thick scum clearing from my tongue. * * I took the mirror and scanned my new complexion. I can hardly believe it is I. My eyes are bright, hair shiny, breath sweet and pure.”—Mrs. R. Z.

“I suffered from a tumor on the brain for four years, but I am happy to say it is gone, due to grapes. I was operated on by one of the best brain specialists in the U. S·, only to be sent home to die. I took the Grape Cure with sun baths and water treatment. The tumor is entirely gone and I am so happy I want to tell every one. I am sure grapes will do all you say they will.”—Mrs. G. S.

“I am writing to let you know what I think about The Grape Cure. That is one of the grandest things ever been found. I just cannot tell you all how much I think of it.

“I was in bed with cancer, had been going to X-ray Doctors, and they said that there was not a chance, when we heard about your Grape Cure. I took the diet and in about eight weeks I began to gain and am still gaining. You can never know just how much I thank you all for your Grape Cure.

“May God Bless you all.”—Mrs. L. W.—1941.

“I have obtained marvelous results from the “Grape Cure.” After six weeks on the grape diet I lost a big tapeworm from which I had suffered for about twenty years.”—L. L.

“In reply to your question as to my experience with the Grape Cure, will state, that two years ago I was suffering from Gall Stones with Angina Pectoris so bad that often my life was despaired of. A friend handed me a copy of Mrs. Brandt’s Grape Cure, which I took. I fasted five days and then went on an exclusive grape diet for thirty days. This was two years ago. Again last year I fasted five days and went forty-five days on grapes alone. Since the first diet—I have had no trouble with Gall Stones. Since the second diet I have had no pains or aches of any kind. I am going to take another diet this year simply as a cleansing process.”—Mr. H.F.P.—1940-1945.

“I ordered one of your Grape Cure books about three months ago, and want to tell you that I went on the grape juice diet for four weeks and it did me so much good. I am able to do all my own work now.

“I had cancer of the colon and had an operation. The doctor made an opening in my side for my bowels to move through, had nineteen X-ray treatments but when I received your book, I quit the treatments and feel so much better now.”— E. G·—1939.

“Received your letter of inquiry, I appreciate your interest in me.

“We moved on the farm in Okla., last April (46) and I am feeling fine. We have 20 acres in all kinds of fruit.

“‘My daughter-in-law and I gathered and canned over 1000 quarts of fruit, so you can judge from that how I am getting along. We have twelve rows of grapes over three hundred feet long, so you can see I will have all the grapes I need. I canned one hundred quarts of juice. I remain, Your friend.”—Mrs. Essie Gottschall, Rte. 1, Fargo, Okla., Jan. 29, 1947.

Dec. l9,th, 1945.

“I was told by five different doctors that I had cancer of uterus—so far advanced an operation was impossible.

“When I heard of the grape diet, and after reading the book I began immediately on the fast and stayed on first stage of diet for ten weeks. The different stages of healing which took place in my body under this cure are marvelous and beyond description. I stuck to it to the letter for six months, and am regarded with complete cure of the cancer and prospects of better health than I have known for years.”—Mrs. L. E.

“During the war (1945) a group of soldiers were caught behind the German lines and they had nothing to eat for 25 days but grapes, which they procured at night from nearby vineyards. When freed later on allied Doctors noticed with amazement the rapid healing of their wounds.”— J. F. S.

From a Naturopathic Clinic:
Feb. 5, 1948.

“The result obtained in using Dr. Johanna Brandt’s method have been excellent. In fact we have some spectacular cures to our credit . . . Many could be saved and their lives prolonged if there could be some way to inform them about the Grape Cure and its possibilities . . . One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty, in all cases, even incurable ones, I have succeeded in stopping all pain by the use of the Grape Cure and hydrotherapy treatments.”
Dr. M. Rosenfeld.

From a Medical Doctor:
Feb. 1948.
“On several occasions I have found the Grape Cure do wonders for my patients, and on many occasions I have heard fine reports about it.”

From Dr. G. McD.:

Jan. 1948.
“The most remarkable case I have had, beginning last August, was a lady operated on and sewed up to die with cancer of stomach. I used no other therapy (until she was able to be up) except transition diet leading to, and grape juice. When I first took the case she could not lift her hand. It has been a “Miracle case” and has excited much interest in the GRAPE CURE.”

February, 1948.
“As for my cancer, the Doctor says there is no sign of it.

Of course you know I am 77 years old but I am doing all I can to interest people in the Grape Cure. I have received letters from Kansas, Oklahoma, and all over the state of California.

One woman who came to see me had been operated on and given but six months, to live.

That was a year ago. She went on the grape diet and the woman is now well and doing her own house work and happy as a lark.

Our City has voted bonds for a new hospital and I understand there is talk of setting aside a portion of the building for the Grape Cure . . . I am doing all I can to that end.

Thank you very much for what you have done for me. I also had given up in despair until a man loaned me his “Grape Cure” book.

P. S. By all means use my name in any way you see fit to further the “Grape Cure.”
N. M. E.

January 6, 1947.

“Seven years ago I took the “Grape Cure” for Cancer of the upper part of my left breast, with marvelous results, and now a friend loaned me the book and I am undergoing the same cure.

“I am now at the vegetable stage of the diet but still eat grapes for many evenings and drink grape juice at 4 P.M. meal …. I am feeling grand, in fact better each day and have gained 10 lbs the last three weeks.”

The Grape Cure

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    March 1, 2020 at 12:46 pm Reply

    I’m currently on Day 15 of the grape cure. I have suffered from frozen shoulder and it is much more loose. I also have less congestion. I’m going to rid myself of a thyroid tumor. I believe it feels smaller, but that could be wishful thinking. I’ve lost 10 pounds.

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