Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary Heart Disease

Be Wary Of This Killer Disease. Coronary heart disease, sometimes also known as coronary artery disease, is believed to affect as many as fourteen million American men and women and so is a major health issue that needs to be understood properly. The disease itself is often caused through combination of calcium, fatty materials as well as plaque (scar tissue) that build up in a person’s arteries which of course is the main blood vessel that supplies blood to the heart. These arteries that are also known as coronary arteries along with the heart muscle need to get sufficient oxygen as well as nutrients in order to be able to pump blood to various parts of the body.

Narrowing Of Arteries

The presence of plaque causes the arteries to narrow and this in turn means less blood gets to reach the heart. When blood flow slows down it results in pain in the chest region also known as angina. In case the plaque causes total blockage of blood it will result in a heart attack or even cardiac arrest. Coronary heart disease is in fact one of the worst offenders when it comes to causing deaths as well as disabilities and it is the one cause that kills off more people than all of the next seven causes of death taken together.

The symptoms of coronary heart disease in its worst form are often noticed in the form of a totally unexpected seizure of the heart. Furthermore, this cardiac arrest normally is more likely to occur in instances where a person has previously suffered from heart attacks though it can also be the first symptom of coronary heart disease.

Other common symptoms of coronary heart disease include chest pain, especially when exerting oneself; shortness of breath on account of exerting the body; pain in the jaw, in the back as well as in the arm, especially pronounced on the left side of the body; and, there are also palpitations felt as well as experiencing feelings of dizziness and light-headedness. In addition, symptoms of coronary heart disease also include weakness as well as irregular beating of the heart.

Coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of sudden death and when people age, this is the one disease that is most likely to kill them. It is obviously very necessary that the causes of coronary heart disease are identified at the earliest so as to be able to be in a better position to provide timely treatment and so prevent further danger from coronary heart disease. The major cause is of course a problematic artery that will, because of its inability to provide sufficient oxygen to the heart, lead to different kinds of heart problems including coronary heart disease.

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