Cholesterol Heart Disease Risk

Cholesterol Heart Disease Risk

Cholesterol Heart Disease Risk: Children Are Dying Of Heart Diseases Like Never Before

Heart diseases account for so many deaths all around the world that it is a subject that requires to be studied in greater detail in order to know which factors allow this dreaded disease to do its dangerous and deadly work. One of the more commonly known reasons why people develop heart diseases is having high amount of cholesterol in their blood. Yes, cholesterol heart disease risk is a major reason why people die from heart diseases and so it is a subject that needs to be understood so that remedial action can be undertaken well before the situation (health-wise) becomes too serious.

Hundred Million Americans

There are believed to be as many as hundred million Americans that suffer from elevated cholesterol levels with approximately half of these people having what can best be described as borderline cholesterol heart disease risk levels while about twenty-one percent have serious cholesterol heart disease risk levels that exceed the danger mark of two hundred and forty milligrams per deciliter.

What is especially worrying is that it has been found that cholesterol heart disease risk is so severe that it now causes heart diseases in the US on an annual basis which sadly is a problem that is affecting children rather than adults and this is seen in figures that show an estimated twenty-five percent of all cases relate to children dying from heart disease and not adults. This is shocking because conventional wisdom was that cholesterol heart disease risk was something that only affected adults and was linked to the aging process.

The trouble is that high cholesterol heart disease risk today is being noticed even among children that have yet to see their sixth birthday! The reason why children too have become affected by cholesterol heart disease risk is their poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles as well as having problems maintaining proper body weight.

The only good news is that cholesterol heart disease risk is reversible and also preventable though still too many children are dying because of cholesterol heart disease risk. Their inattention to proper diet and living of sedentary lifestyles are the main reasons why so many children are dying of cholesterol related heart diseases. For this the food industry will need to take much blame since they are deliberately poisoning children on a mass scale through selling of foods that addict and which are also unhealthy including the pizzas and burgers that most children cannot or will not live without.

There are just three main heart disease risk factors that need to be identified and acted upon in a manner to ensure that the risks are minimized. High cholesterol is one factor, hypertension is another and the third factor is smoking cigarettes.

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