Coronary Heart Disease Statistic

Coronary Heart Disease Statistic

Available Coronary Heart Disease Statistic Figures Bring Good News, But More Work Needs To Be Done

Almost everyone that has reached their adulthood is sure to have an idea about the dangers of coronary heart disease which is without a doubt the single biggest killer of people in all parts of the world, and in America too the problem is especially serious. This might lead you to believe that coronary heart disease statistics will cause you to feel a certain amount of dread learning about the many people that have died as a consequence of this disease.

Considerable Decline In Heart Disease Statistics

Surprisingly, however current coronary heart disease statistics paint a somewhat rosier picture because over the past decade there has been a considerable decline in the numbers of people dying from coronary heart disease. The reason for this decline is not hard to find: continuing study and research regarding causes of coronary heart disease as well as study of available coronary heart disease statistics have helped scientists find a way to control and put down this disease.

Nevertheless, as heartening as these coronary heart disease statistics are, there no doubts the fact that coronary heart disease continues to be a major factor in the deaths of many Americans. In fact, the most recent coronary heart disease statistics that are available only for the year 2004 show that for every one hundred thousand people, about two hundred and twenty-eight died because of coronary heart disease.

In fact, coronary heart disease statistics for the entire US unequivocally point to the fact that coronary heart disease continues to remain the number one killer disease accounting for as many as 451, 326 deaths. It is evident that from studying these coronary heart disease statistics that coronary heart disease is the biggest challenge facing the medical community notwithstanding the fact that considerable progress has been made in combating coronary heart disease; still, more work needs to be done and there is in fact a long way to go before this dreaded disease is brought under complete control.

The good news however that is there has been an approximate thirty percent decline in coronary heart disease fatalities from the year 1999. What’s more, there are a few simple steps that anyone can follow in order to lessen the coronary heart disease risk factors. Simple acts such as abstaining from smoking cigarettes is one way of beating coronary heart disease; another, is to keep check on your blood pressure as this too is a major risk factor that can cause coronary heart disease.

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