Coronavirus Outbreak – Foods To Boost Your Immune System

Coronavirus Outbreak – Foods To Boost Your Immune System

All of us are being overwhelmed with information about the Coronavirus outbreak. We all need to follow the advice of the experts, but what else can we do for ourselves and to help keep our loved ones safe? We want to invite you to focus on a few necessary steps you can take to boost your immune system as we all experience the increase of COVID-19 cases. 

We’ve all been told that the Coronavirus is most dangerous for the elderly over 60 years old, especially those with a weak immune system, even though COVID-19 cases are being reported for people under sixty years of age. 

One of our best defenses, no matter what your age, is the ability to strengthen our immune system. A compromised immune system is an open invitation to disease and illness.

Coronavirus Immune System Booster

Whether it’s the flu virus or Coronavirus, one of the best things we can do is improve our immune system function.   

Here are some tips from trusted sources for effective immune system booster foods: 

The preparation of Whole Food, Plant-Based Meals with no exposure to meat or dairy products, should be the main focus of your daily consumption of any food source regiment. Some may feel (no exposure to meat or dairy products) extreme, but we live in times of uncertainty. We would instead feed our bodies unprocessed foods and avoid unnecessary chemicals that can damage our immune system function.

Adding three tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast flakes (avoid if you have Crohn’s disease) spread over a large salad can counteract the adverse effects of stress on the immune system.

Growing up, we’ve all been told to eat more produce and vegetables in general. It’s time to take that advice; staying away from processed foods, meats, fish, and dairy and eat a whole food diet is the key that will improve overall health and immune support.

Kiwis may not be for everyone since 1 in 150 children report being allergic to kiwifruit. However, daily consumption is a valid prescription for immune support and reducing symptoms of cold and influenza.

What food lowers blood pressure, regulates cholesterol, and stimulates immunity naturally? Garlic! Eating garlic appears to suppress inflammation while boosting protective immunity.

Making white button mushrooms part of your regular diet can increase IgA secretion, especially crucial for the elderly. Watch the video to see how mushrooms stimulate antibody production, while potentially still playing an anti-inflammatory role.

Cruciferous vegetables such as organic kale are food to boost your immune system against the Coronavirus. Learn which is better, cooked or raw, we think you will be surprised.

Sea vegetables, in general, are a definite source for iodine, but did you know that Wakame Seaweed boosted antibody production and the efficacy of vaccines. Replication of potential T cells can be quadrupled, which are an essential part of our immune defense against viruses.

Green tea can boost the immune system to fight diseases like the flu; caused by the influenza virus. Drinking 1-3 cups of green tea daily is something so simple to implement but yet provides a sound impact on increasing antiviral immune function.

Coronavirus Updates and Links

World Health Organization
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As the reported cases of the Coronavirus continues to climb in the US and abroad, we must work together to change our daily habits and routines. Get healthier by improving and boosting immune function. Share with families and friends the benefits of eating more plant-based foods. God Bless!

The information shared is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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