Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

If you have life insurance you may think that you have your family’s financial future under control. While it is true that having life insurance is a key to protecting your family if you should die, what if you were disabled? Disability insurance is there to protect you and your family if you were in an accident or if you acquired an illness or disease that would keep you from working.

Many people do not think that they will ever be out of work. The truth is that statistics show that one third of all workers will experience an absence of at least twelve weeks at one time or another during their work career. This absence can be the result of an injury, disease or illness. Disability insurance is the safety net that can keep your family afloat if this should happen to you.

There are some people who do not think that they can afford to carry another insurance policy. Many people already have automobile insurance, life insurance, home owners insurance or renter’s insurance. The thought of adding a disability insurance premium payment to the list can sound daunting. However, if you are ever put in the position to have to use the disability insurance it will pay for itself. Without this type of income insurance you could plummet into financial ruin if you were unable to work.

You should take a serious look at your finances and ask yourself whether you and your family could stay afloat if you were out of work for a few months. While eight to twelve weeks may not seem like much time, it does equal quite a bit of income. Not to mention the snowball affect that can take place once you start becoming behind on your bills. Taking out a very small disability insurance policy could be the smartest thing that you could do for your family’s financial future.

Once you have an illness, disease or injury it is virtually too late to get a disability insurance policy. Granted, you may be offered one when you apply, but the chances are high that you would not be able to afford the policy or the policy that is offered to you is not adequate. The best time to purchase a disability insurance policy is while you are still in good health. You are encouraged to explore your disability insurance options today!

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