Panic Anxiety Disorder

Panic Anxiety Disorder

How Panic Anxiety Disorder Can Affect Anyone

Anyone who lived in the 1960s has heard of the Osmond Family and is familiar with their music. They had some huge hits in the 60s and 70s. One of the members of the Osmonds, Donny Osmond, was especially well known. What no one knew at the time was that Donny was dealing with a panic anxiety disorder that was triggered by being in large groups of people and crowds. He discussed his panic anxiety disorder in his autobiography and talked about how his heart would pound and he would start sweating before going on stage.

What was causing Donny Osmond’s panic anxiety disorder was a problem with his brain wherein although there was no threat to his safety, his brain was acting as if there was and causing the symptoms. When this happens, the body overreacts to a situation that may be stressful but not dangerous and go into panic mode and the brain starts reacting as if the person were in danger.

When people have panic anxiety disorder, they have some severe symptoms when an attack starts including a pounding heart and chest pain that can feel like someone is sitting on their chest. It can feel a lot like a heart attack, actually. When this happens, people often tense up and panic even more because they are afraid something is seriously wrong with them.

While it feels very real to the person having the anxiety attack, there really is no reason for the feelings and symptoms they are having. It is hard to realize this at the time, though, since it seems so real to them, which makes them feel very out of control.

Donny Osmond is not the only celebrity to have panic anxiety disorder and millions more average people have the same problem as well. Panic anxiety disorder can affect anyone from the richest, most famous person in the world to a stay at home mom to a teacher.

Anyone can have a panic anxiety disorder and that means they have to learn to deal with the physical and mental symptoms and the panic attacks that come with the disorder. They need to find a way to feel better so they can go about their normal life. It is not possible to live life to the fullest when suffering from a panic anxiety disorder.

The millions of people who have an anxiety disorder and have been dealing with the symptoms for years are finding more and more relief through early diagnosis and more awareness of the symptoms and causes of panic anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder can be diagnosed and the severity of the disorder determined by taking an anxiety disorder test. You don’t have to go to a doctor to take this test, but you can if you prefer. Otherwise, you can take it on the Internet at any of the many websites that offer information on panic anxiety disorder.

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