Fears And Phobias: The Difference

Fears And Phobias: The Difference

There is a distinct difference between fears and phobias. While some of you 
may think this to be common knowledge, the truth is that many get the two 
confused, assuming that they can represent the same thing. They can’t. These 
are very different issues and, to put it plainly, you should understand 
those differences so you will not make the wrong decisions on how to treat 
them. Knowing what constitutes as fears verses phobias can be the difference 
between getting the proper help or allowing things to build to a critical 

And there can certainly be a critical point. With phobias, panic attacks and 
more serious issues are not uncommon. You could put yourself in medical 
danger by not seeking treatment. Of course, if you think you simply have a 
fear rather than a more deeper issue, you will do nothing about it. That is 
why you need to know the difference; your health can depend on.

Phobias are deep-rooted problems, border-lining on the unnatural. They are 
usually caused by some past trauma and cause an unreasonable amount of fear, 
sometimes to the point of being unable to function at the mere thought of 
the cause. This is the real difference between fears and phobias. While you 
may have a certain level of fear for objects (a spider, for example), you 
will not panic and be unable to go through your day with the knowledge that 
one could be in the room. With a phobia of spiders, however, you could go 
into an anxiety attack and have to have medical treatment. That is the 

Fears are shallow versions of phobias. The sooner you understand this, the 
better. You can’t go running to your doctor every time you realize you are 
afraid of something. You would probably be thought a hypochondriac. This is 
not about fear; this is about being paralyzed by deeper issues. For phobias, 
medical and psychological treatment can be necessary. And, as hefty as that 
may sound, it is nothing compared to the problems you will face later if you 
do nothing about it.

If you understand that you are much more than afraid, you should contact 
your doctor. He or she can recommend services to help. No matter what 
phobias (we hope you do not have more than one but there are times when the 
issues cannot be contained to just one area) you may have, there are people 
to help. And you must take it!

We can’t stress that enough. While understanding the difference between 
fears and phobias is essential, it is even more essential that you seek help 
once you have identified the problem. You cannot let this go. If you do, you 
risk hurting yourself in the future and, worse, you will have to live with 
something that disrupts your entire life.

Why would you want to do that? Why not seek treatment for phobias instead of 
trying ti cope with them? There is no coping; there is only the option of 

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