Psoriasis Medicine Breakthrough Treatment

Psoriasis Medicine Breakthrough Treatment

A Number of New Breakthrough Psoriasis Medicines are Now Available

There is reason for optimism for those afflicted with psoriasis as new breakthrough psoriasis medicine treatments are complementing existing remedies to hopefully provide more satisfactory results in the fight to control psoriasis. Doctors are confident of making tremendous progress in understanding the immunology of psoriasis as well as its genetics that will provide patients with more than just generalized treatment in the near future.

FDA Approved Breakthrough Psoriasis Drug Called Ameviva

It is believed that about five and a half million Americans suffer from psoriasis which causes an uncomfortable thickening of the skin and bright red patches appear along with silvery scales, which is the visible representation of an immune system gone wrong. The FDA has recently approved of a new psoriasis medicine that goes by the name of Ameviva, and this is supposed to be a breakthrough drug that, according to studies, should make for a seventy-five percent reductions in psoriasis Area and Severity Index, which measures the clinical severity of the condition.

In case of mild psoriasis, different treatments are recommended, and other psoriasis medicines such as Enbrel or Etanecept have also got the approval of the FDA. Another psoriasis medicine commonly used is Soriatane which is an oral medication that can be used for all forms of psoriasis. It belongs to a class of medications known as retinoid that are derived from Vitamin A.

Soriatane functions on the principle of impeding specific receptors which allows better development of skin cells, and by regularly using Soriatane, one may use this psoriasis medicine to treat psoriasis and other skin diseases. It should be taken according to medical advice, and dosage can differ for different individuals, and depends on the patient’s health as well as individual requirements.

Soriatane is a psoriasis medicine that will provide effectual results within eight weeks and to successfully terminate Soriatane therapy will require two to three months. It should be taken in proper dosages and side effects include added itchiness, redness, as well as an insignificant worsening of psoriasis itself. However, the side effects will fade if Soriatane is taken continuously, and the patient needs to inform his or her doctor till such time as they are eliminated.

To get the most out of this psoriasis medicine, the patient should follow certain precautionary measures including not donating blood while taking Soriatane treatment, and also not sharing Soriatane medication with those that are not recommended its usage. Soriatane is available at online pharmacies that make it convenient as well as affordable to purchase it, and one can even get the medication delivered at the doorstep.

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