Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

As many as 1/5th of the US population has some sort of anxiety disorder or a mental illness. Many people in the United States feel sad and tired, anxious and afraid and very stressed out. These are all anxiety disorder symptoms. People with an anxiety disorder have such severe symptoms that they cannot live a happy, full life; more often than not, they simply just give up on themselves. Most people who feel this way are looking for a treatment that will help them and relieve some of their anxiety disorder symptoms.

Many people with anxiety have had a panic attack and know that it has some very recognizable symptoms that are hard to ignore. Panic attacks come on quickly and make you feel scared and fearful of anything and everything around you but usually last only for about 15 minutes.

Everyone has stress in their life and we all feel afraid, worried and anxious from time to time. This is normal. If you asked your doctor, he would tell you not to worry about mild anxiety disorder symptoms. However, when anxiety symptoms become so bad that they affect your quality of life, it is time to take them seriously. Doctors are especially concerned about patients who have had severe symptoms of anxiety disorder for many months in a row.

It is hard to ignore many of the anxiety disorder symptoms that occur when our brain releases chemicals as if we were facing actual danger instead of just an ordinary situation. What these chemicals do when they are released from the brain is send the panic signal to all of your organs so they go into overdrive. The adrenaline your body produces is what causes you to feel these disturbing physical symptoms that come with a panic attack.

The most common physical anxiety disorder symptoms are stomach pain, diarrhea, dry mouth, increased heart rate, a tight feeling in your chest and physical pain in other areas of your body. Other common symptoms can include feeling like you can’t catch your breath, feeling the urgent need to use the restroom, dizziness and a hard time swallowing.

Mental symptoms also usually accompany a panic attack and the most common are sleeplessness, irritability, lack of concentration, feeling very scared and feeling like you are losing your mind. These can be very scary symptoms and feel very real to the person experiencing them.

Panic attacks can happen to anyone including celebrities and are increasing in frequency. Sometimes a panic attack may be related to abusing drugs or alcohol but this isn’t usually the case. Panic attacks are frightening and not easy to deal with.

What exactly is Anxiety Disorder?

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