Pregnancy When Is The Right Time

Pregnancy When Is The Right Time

Pregnancy: When Is The Right Time For A Woman To Get Pregnant?

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and challenging time in a woman’s life. At this stage, the woman’s body undergoes several changes that are amazing and a little bit disquieting especially for those women who are carrying a child for the first time. If you are one of those women who are pregnant with their first baby, you should welcome pregnancy and not be intimidated by it. There may be times when you get confused by the many changes in your body but if you just follow the natural flow of things, you will soon discover the joys of pregnancy.

Can You Be Too Old For Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is something that you as a woman should anticipate especially when you reach the reproductive age. How do you know when you reach the reproductive age? Some women start ovulating at age 10 or even earlier. This means that the woman’s body releases eggs which may become fertilized upon contact with the male sperm. However, girls at the age of 10 are still biologically too young to have babies. Their reproductive systems are still in the process of forming so getting pregnant at this stage is very, very risky. In most cases, women are considered biologically ready for pregnancy when they are between the ages of eighteen through thirty-five. This means during this period the body is strong enough to reproduce without too much trouble. Beyond the age of thirty-five, pregnancy is considered as risky for the mother as it is for the baby. According to some experts there are women by the age of thirty-five that may already be suffering from some age related problems that could affect the baby.

Should women stop getting pregnant when they are beyond the age of thirty-five? While other experts believe that women should stop having babies when they are beyond the age of 35, many experts believe that healthy women can still conceive and have healthy babies beyond the age of 35. According to these experts, the aging process of the woman’s body is not uniform. There are women who started ovulating early and there are those who started ovulating late. Women who started ovulating early and were leading unhealthy lifestyle are considered of higher risk of having children with birth defects while women who stated ovulating late may still be able to conceive and go through pregnancy without many problems. In fact, there are women who are well into their forties and are still able to have healthy children.

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