Beginning Yoga

Beginning Yoga

Steps To Take When Beginning Yoga

When beginning yoga, there are a few things you need to know: first, 
understand that your body has limits and that you can’t expect to do 
everything at once. Second, know that this is just as much a spiritual 
process as it is one of exercise and you need to approach it as such. We 
will further explains those things below because, despite the obviousness of 
them, people are still beginning yoga with a poor point of view and are not 
receiving the full benefits of it. Which is a shame since there are so many 
benefits to be found. Knowing those two things, understanding them, is an 
essential part of the process.

Understanding Your Body:

This is, perhaps, the most basic thing to remember when beginning yoga. You 
are new to this and, therefore, cannot expect to be a master within a few 
weeks. No matter how many classes you take or times your practice, this is 
still a process that takes much dedication and work. Your body must learn to 
stretch, to bend, and that is never a fast thing. You can’t rush it or you 
might risk an injury. Actually, forget the “might”. There are few processes 
that can guarantee an injury more than yoga. Pulling a muscle is so easy to 
do if you are not staying at the right pace. When beginning yoga, you must 
remember that. Otherwise, you will quickly find yourself unable to anything 
but wait out a tear or sprain. Your body will learn things at its own 
natural pace; do not force it into a position it cannot handle.

Understanding The Spiritual Side:

Even if you do not see the religious applications, when beginning yoga, you 
should at least see the spiritual ones. This is a practice steeped in the 
belief of centering minds and energy and, if you let it, it will certainly 
work for you. If you only approach it as a way to exercise, though, you will 
not receive all the benefits available. Even if you are not a spiritual 
person, you can still learn how to calm your thoughts, focus your mind and 
decrease your stress level. This can help so much in life, and not just with 
the yoga you do. It can be a part of your actual routine: knowing how to 
stay calm. This is an advantage to have in any situation and you should 
recognize its importance here.


Beginning yoga takes a certain amount of patience toward the body and 
willingness toward the mind. You have to be able to combine them to get the 
full benefit. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself due to a lack of respect 
for pace and not getting the peace that you need due to a lack of belief. 
You need, when beginning yoga, to understand that this is an exercise but 
also something more. It is only through that kind of thinking will you be 
able to get everything out of this process that you want.

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