Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Know The Breast Cancer Symptoms

Learning the various breast cancer symptoms can be the difference between 
early detection and reduced survival. You need to know what to look for to 
keep yourself protected. This means consulting your doctor, having regular 
tests made and also being able to examine yourself for the breast cancer 
symptoms. Of course, before you can do that, you need to know what they are. 
That is what we can tell you. Below, we will list the more common breast 
cancer symptoms. If you know these, you can better prepare yourself against 
an early onset of breast cancer. This can make all the difference in the 

Recognize these breast cancer symptoms:

A change in the shape of your breast: if you suddenly become swollen 
(usually just in one breast), then this can be cause for worry. Ducts within 
the breast could be swelling and cause the problem. You should note that, 
with some women, breast swelling is a natural part of their period. If this 
does not vanish with that, though, you should consult a doctor.

A change in the nipple: if your nipple is retracting and refusing to take 
its original shape, or has become discolored in some way (whether through 
rash or darkening), then you should see a doctor. This can suggest that 
there are problems with the ducts situated below the nipple and could be 
signs of cancer.

An actual lump in the breast: this is one of the more obvious signs of 
trouble. If you can feel lumps or odd groupings in your breast, then you 
should definitely consult with your doctor. While some of it may be swelling 
from natural body changes, others may indicate cysts growing underneath the 

A pain in either breast: this rarely occurs in both breasts and, when it 
does, it is probably part of your menstrual cycle. If there is pain in one 
breast only, however, you should have it checked on. Cancer usually on forms 
in one breast, rather than both.

A fluid leaking from your breast: while milk may be normal, or even other 
forms of fluid in older women, bloody liquid is not. If you have even small 
amounts of bloody fluid coming from your nipple, seek help immediately. This 
is not normal.

Knowing these breast cancer symptoms is essential. Why? Because you need to 
understand that, even with regular testing, you could still wait too long to 
find out if there is something wrong with your body. You need to be able to 
look at yourself and know what is normal and what is not; this means 
learning the symptoms and checking for them regularly.

Of course, these breast cancer symptoms are rather hard to miss. Still, some 
may confuse them with period related symptoms or perhaps just a breast 
infection. You can’t be one of those people. You need to know exactly what 
you are dealing with to keep yourself safe. Combine this with regular checks 
from your doctor and you can greatly reduce your chances of allowing cancer 
to spread.

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