Grape Health Benefits

Grape Health Benefits

The Secrets of the Success of the Grape Diet – Grape Health Benefits

Proteids are the great body builders.”This, then, partially explains why new tissue is built with such extraordinary rapidity on an exclusive grape diet.

But science has not yet discovered what elements in the grape break down malignant growths. Some fine essence, which has hitherto escaped observation must be present in this “Queen of Fruits.”

Perhaps this elusive substance will be found in the pure unsweetened juice of the grape.

We are only on the threshold of our discoveries and experiments, learning something new every day. With great success the pure juice of the grape is used for cleansing the throat, ears, nose and mouth, applied externally on wounds in the form of poultices and compresses diluted with water, and introduced per rectum as food.

But let us see what can be achieved by the grape diet only, without these supplementary methods.

The Mono Diet
(One food only)

I believe it was the exclusive grape diet that saved my life in the end.

After the nine years’ battle with death, I discovered almost accidentally that fresh grapes, when taken alone, answered the three requirements, of dissolving eliminating and building.

Like everyone else, I had been eating grapes for years. I grew up among the vineyards of South Africa and the finest grapes of the world were to be found on our table at “Harmony” in Pretoria.

We ate them with other foods, that was a mistake.

The stomach is Nature’s own laboratory. Put the right combinations of food into it and the result is the fabrication of every essence necessary for life and health.

But the stomach is also a still. At the temperature of blood-heat the process of digestion is carried on. The manufacture of natural body alcohol takes place. This seems to be indispensable to the well-being of the body. But an excess of alcohol causes a poisoning of the system. Toxemia or auto-intoxication (self-poisoning) occurs. This is true when foods are mixed in the stomach indiscriminately, and especially so when to this mixture is added the grape. Taken into an impure stomach, it becomes an enemy.

On the other hand, when by fasting the system has been prepared for the change of diet, the grape becomes our greatest benefactor, our savior from the ills of the flesh.

When there is an ulcerated condition in the stomach and bowels, seeds should not be swallowed.

The grape is, as far as I know, the most powerful nature solvent of some chemical deposits, and at the same time the most drastic eliminator. Because of its extraordinary properties, the avenues of excretion become superbly active under a proper grape diet.

The first results of the diet are there¬fore different in every case. According to the condition of the patient, the first effects may be distressing or instantly beneficial. A healthy person may go on the exclusive grape diet and suffer no in¬convenience, lose no weight and be able to carry on his usual work without any loss of strength. Not so the sick. In an unhealthy body the complications arising from the diet may be in exact accord with the gravity of the disease.

This is the most perfect form of diagnosis and the most natural. It reminds me of the primitive test of the temperature of the baby’s bath—when the baby turns red the water is too hot, when the baby gets blue the water is too cold. Poor baby! And one sometimes feels inclined to say, “poor patient!” when under the Grape Cure, slumbering evils and latent diseases begin to manifest themselves. A seemingly healthy person may set out gaily on a grape diet, merely to reduce weight, for instance, and at the end of a few weeks he may be quite a sorry spectacle. Some deep-seated trouble has been ferreted out by the grape, driven out into the open, and the wise thing to do in such cases is to continue the four stages of the diet until every trace of disorder has disappeared.

“Do I Need the Grape Diet?”

This is a question put most frequently. No one can answer it except yourself and that is best done by starting right out on the diet. It cannot possibly harm you. Try it for a week or two and at the end of that time you will probably know more about your condition than you ever did before.

The average person has been taught to regard every symptom of disease as an evil to be suppressed immediately. I believe nothing can be further from the truth. The disease is evil certainly but the symptoms of disease are curative processes—not to be suppressed.

This we find to be true under the fast and under every natural system of healing but particularly so under the Grape diet.

Grape Health Benefits

Abnormal growths, cancers, tumors, ulcers, abscesses and fibrous masses seem to be dissolved by the powerful chemical agent in the grape. Diseased tissues and fatty degenerations, every form of morbid matter, is apparently broken up into minute particles and thrown into the blood stream to be carried to the organs of excretion. No wonder then that complications arise. To the inexperienced person it is disconcerting to find strange and new symptoms of disease developing under the Grape Cure. He needs some¬one with experience to explain to him that poisons which have been locked up in the system for many years have broken loose and are running riot in the blood. Hence that unusual rise of temperature, that eruption on the skin, those splitting headaches, those attacks of retching and purging, that discharge of mucus, those undue sweatings. The anxious mind of the patient should be set at rest by the assurance that all these are highly favorable symptoms of the process of purification being carried on internally—positively prove that he is still vital enough to respond to the treatment. The avenues of excretion—the bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin—are still in good working order. Let him then closely examine the stools, the urine, the perspiration, and let him rejoice with the appearance of every new evidence that Nature is still able to cast out the poisons that have been dislodged bv the magical action of the grape.

So much depends upon his mental attitude that everything should be done to enlighten him on this most important aspect of the diet.

A volume could be dedicated to the remarkable effect of the grape upon the nervous system.

Pain or discomfort is nature at work cleansing the body.

The patient should remember that every new ache and pain under the Grape Diet is an expression of life, of renewed activity. Nerves that have been atrophied for years have been stimulated by the grape.

Physical pain is Mother Nature’s own voice warning us of danger. She speaks through the nerves, those delicate, watchful and intelligent protectors of the hu¬man body.

The Grape as Food and Medicine

The medicinal properties of the grape cannot be overestimated. Salts of potash are found plentifully in grapes. And now we understand why the grape may be a specific cure for cancer, for there is said to be a marked deficiency of potash in the make-up of the average cancer patient.

But it is more than that. The grape is exceptionally rich in iron and is the finest natural tonic in the world. It also has some vital relation to the protein base of the protoplasm of the cell and is on that account considered a quick repairer of tissue waste. As a flesh and muscle forming element it has no rival.

The grape is the perfect food, a most complete food.

Quite apart from its value as a sol¬vent, it stands alone among the foods of nature as a builder. I have seen it ad¬ministered in cases of tuberculosis and have witnessed the amazing spectacle of an emaciated patient putting on five pounds weight in one day and three pounds the next—i.e. an increase of eight pounds within forty-eight hours. This took place after a fast of six or seven days.

The grape is the most strength-giving food. It is nourishing, sustaining and completely satisfying.

Feed your typhoid patients with grapes after the acute stage and especially dur¬ing convalescence, and there will prob¬ably be no relapses, no complications, no prolonged debility.

Taken without salt or sugar it relieves many complaints of the stomach, bowels and liver, because of the abundance of natural salts and acids it contains.

For Pyorrhea Poisoning

The organic acids of the grapes are strongly antiseptic and their effect on the gums is perhaps more valuable than any other result of the diet. For it means preservation of the teeth, on which man¬kind is dependent, not alone for health but for beauty.

Would that I had the tongue of a saint to warn against the evil of having sound teeth extracted because of poison at the roots! It is not always necessary. Every tooth may be loose in its socket and pus may be pouring from the gums, but after a few weeks on the exclusive grape diet it will in time be found that the teeth are firmly set in the jaws and that every trace of pyorrhea poisoning has disappeared. Do not take my word for this. Try it. Prove it. Demonstrate the diet.

Blood Diseases

There is said to be only one disease and that is blood disease. It is for the sake of convenience that we classify them into nervous, muscular, organic or constitutional diseases. As a matter of fact— barring accidents and malformations— we depend, for life and health, largely on the condition of the blood. And our blood is dependent, first, on what we think; second, on what we inhale; and third, on what we eat and drink.

To obtain control of these three essentials is to have perfect health.

(1) What we think. Since we represent the sum total of what our forefathers have thought, it were vain at this point to claim the power of independent thought. In the millennia stretching before us, maybe the Grape Cure will be found a short cut to the desired goal. I know of no way of purifying the blood no other method as certain, sane and safe as the Grape Cure in order to pave the way to clear thinking.

(2) What we inhale. Individually we have very little control over the air we breathe. But the human race collectively is responsible for the present tainted atmosphere by which the blood is poisoned. Until provision can be made to clear the air of smoke and gas and the deadly fumes of nicotine, our bodies will suffer. The annual cleansing of the lungs by a thorough Grape Cure will be advisable.

(3) What we eat and drink. When all is said and done, the matter of eating and drinking is at the present time the most important because it is the only one of which we have conscious and deliberate control. We must concentrate on that, find out what are the best foods and combinations of foods and not allow ourselves to be persuaded by any one to take anything that we know to be injurious.

By right eating, it is possible to keep the blood so pure that the danger of breathing polluted air is minimized.

By right eating (and I do not think that I am going too far in saying this) we may be healthy even if we have not learned to control our thoughts. What is more, right eating will help us to obtain control over our thoughts.

To put it clearly, the condition of our blood is more dependent on the food we eat than on anything else, including thought. I know some saints whose bodies are very sick because they transgress against the laws of dietetics. And I know more than one sinner who is disgracefully healthy because he is more concerned about pure food than the good of his soul. Others there are, neither saints nor sinners, who have hardly had an original thought in their lives, and who are yet healthy and happy, like the cow placidly thinking of the next cud.

The thoughts of supermen may annul the effects of wrong eating but until we have reached that stage we do well to study the daily menu.

Purifying the Blood

I am convinced that cancer is a blood disease, more so, in fact, than any other disease. No bruise could develop into cancer if the blood were pure, and so I say again most earnestly, give the Grape Diet a trial. Go to the root of the matter and remove the cause of the trouble. Or better still prevent future trouble.

There is nothing like the Grape Diet for purifying the blood from gouty and rheumatic poisons. The inorganic deposits that have settled between the joints are apparently dissolved and expelled in the form of diarrhea or as an unpleasant oily sweat. The loosening of which may be relieved by poultices or compresses of fresh grape juice.

Pernicious anemia may be curable by a pure grape diet.

Appendicitis often loses its terrors when the secret of the grape diet has been grasped. With the grape poultice on the effected part frequently the pain subsides and the inflammation goes down.

In my opinion, the scorbutic should live entirely on grapes for a time and follow this with a diet of raw fruits, and vegetables, sour milk and cream, cheese, nuts and dried fruits.

The Quickest Relief

I used to think that fasting was the quickest relief we knew. But how much I have learned since 1925! There is no comparison between the fasting-method and the Grape Diet. I believe that nothing can take the place of the complete fast in acute disease, but the fast only partially eliminates the inorganic deposits by which chronic diseases are often caused. Perhaps that is the reason why cancer can not be cured by fasting only.

One of the great and as yet unsolved problems of medical science is, how to establish in the diabetic, and the goitre patient the normal sugar content of the blood.

A diet of raw fruits and vegetables frequently corrects these abnormal conditions of the blood. But I believe the Grape Diet is the quickest agent.

The marvelously rapid action of the grape must be due to the fact that grape sugar is taken immediately into the circulation without undergoing any process of digestion. There is on that account no undue tax on the organs of digestion and assimilation and Mother Nature can turn her full attention to the task of destroying the disease.

The effect is sometimes instantaneous. But again I must remind the reader that this is only true when grapes are eaten.

Unnatural Cravings

The matchless grape is the supreme remedy for the craving for alcoholic liquors. Supplying, as it does, the purest form of the alcohol, which is indispensable to the maintenance of life and health, the grape should form the exclusive diet of our unfortunate fellow creatures in the reformatories as a preliminary measure.

I am of the opinion it should be the only food used, the only nourishment permitted before and after an operation. And in our homes, every member of the family who is addicted to vice, to the drug habit and to excessive use of tobacco, tea and coffee, should be pursuaded to undergo a grape diet, without compulsion or threat. The hapless victim of perverted appetite is eager to be liberated. A sane and simple way of achieving this appeals to him.

Sex Problems

I see in the Grape Diet the solution of sex and many other social problems. By the magical purification of the blood the nerves are stabilized, self-control is established and our God-given heritage of sense and desire is transmitted into divine creative power.

No limit can be set to the stupendous importance of the Grape Cure. It is the most significant discovery of our age because the physical well-being of the entire human race may depend on it. And on this gain depends spiritual unfolding and the advancement of science.


This means the emancipation of the world from the iniquities of war. Let us pause a moment here—try to picture this beautiful world in a state of peace. Not a negative peace. Thrilling with life and love, supremely active, charged with the magnetic power of confidence and strength.


It is so simple that you can adopt it in your own home. It is only in extreme cases that patients are confined to their beds while on the Grape Diet. To be able to go about one’s work as usual is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this method. Think what it means to the business woman, the professional man, the university student! Many have taken the exclusive Grape Diet and continued their work; sometimes it is advisable to take a short exclusive diet for the week¬end and after that take the following 3 stages for an equal length of time, repeating this occasionally.

Power shall be added unto power. By the purification of the blood and the general up-lifting of mind and body resulting therefrom, I see the people of earth gradually becoming more resistant to disease. Germs, plagues and epidemics lose their terror. Fearlessness (and again it is fearlessness) has been born. The en¬tire mental outlook has been changed. Hopeful, constructive, optimistic, the sufferer sets about adjusting his faculties to this new psychology.


Reader, are you going to do your share toward checking the devastating tide of disease and premature death that is spreading over the globe? Then do not be satisfied when, after the Grape Diet, you have regained perfect health. Your own freedom from suffering is not enough. Think of the other members of the human family and pass the message on. Tell your relatives and friends what the Grape Cure has done for you.

What we need is an Institution in which scientific research work can be done along these lines, for the benefit of the world. To begin with, we need a well-equipped building in which cancer patients can be treated free of charge.

We should make a public appeal for victims of this scourge to volunteer for treatment. From time to time, details should be published of the history of the patients, the methods employed in treating them, and the final results. After they are discharged, we must keep track of them, watch for a possible recurrence of the disease and treat them again if necessary.

There is no other way of bringing our testimony home to the public mind.
Who will finance so great a scheme?

It seems to me that this work should proceed from America. Fabulous sums have been spent in this country on medical research on cancer. Is it not time that natural healing had a chance?

Does the amputation of a limb or the removal of an organ remove the cause of a cancer? The cause of the trouble I contend, is still in the blood. Often a second operation becomes necessary.

The use of grapes can never restore the loss of limbs and organs, but painful swellings subside, inflammatory conditions are relieved and there is an immense relaxation from nervous strain.
Again I plead for an opportunity to demonstrate these wonders.

Let the medical fraternity continue their research work. It is quite possible that it may some day hit upon some¬thing more effective than the Grape Diet. Written By Johanna Brandt N.D.Ph.N., A.M., Continue Reading: Chapter 10 – What Must We Do?

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