Grapes Health Benefits

Grapes Health Benefits

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION – Grapes Health Benefits After Malignant Growth Eliminated

It has come to my attention that many patients overdo the exclusive grape diet. They seem to think they must continue the grape diet until the growth has disappeared completely.

Experience teaches that scars caused by a malignant growth remain in the tissues long after the Grape Diet has done its work. Time only will show whether they will ever be entirely eradicated. The same is true of any injury done to the body, through burns, cuts, fractures, etc. When the grape has purified the blood, the general condition of the patient steadily improves in spite of the presence of lumps, scars, or other evidences of the  injury done by the growth.

In my own case, while the poisons of the cancer have been eliminated and the cancer has disappeared, physical examinations by medical men disclose that there are numerous adhesions as a result of the malignant growth. One doctor advances the opinion that it will take at least seven years for these adhesions to be broken up. It is useless, therefore, to continue the grape diet in the hope of completely eradicating the growth within a few weeks, or even a few months.

This treatment is slow, requiring patience and perseverance, but the patient is improving all the time, frequently able to go about his daily duties. One cannot expect to rid himself within a few weeks of poisons which he has been storing up during his entire life.

Many patients who are employed and do not wish to become too greatly weakened take the exclusive grape diet for, say, two or three weeks; then they go on to the second and third stages for equal periods. If at the end of that time they feel that the poisons have not all been eliminated, they repeat the treatment. In that way they are able to continue their employment.

The condition of each case should be watched carefully and judgment exercised. It is obviously impossible to give a set of rules which can be followed in each case.

The grape contains many of the elements necessary to sustain life and health, but it does not contain everything. To continue the grape diet beyond a reasonable time would therefore be to deprive the system of the nourishment necessary for the maintenance of the body.


It has been observed that many patients are eating too many grapes. Two pounds a day, or if the patient is active and out of doors, three pounds, is usually enough. If the patient is not hungry, it is not necessary for him to force himself to eat. Seven meals is not compulsory, nor is it necessary.

We have observed that the best results are obtained where the patients are given small quantities of grapes. Some patients are forced into eating too many grapes by anxious relatives. Sometimes one’s loved ones are one’s worst enemies at this stage of the diet. For that reason it is well for the patient to go to a sanatorium if it is possible. Even though the patient should lose considerable weight, it does not mean that he is in danger of starving. As mentioned, grapes contain most of the food elements necessary to sustain life; many have been known to live many months on grapes alone, but this is not deemed advisable.

Amount of Water to be Taken

We have received many inquiries regarding the amount of water the patient should drink. The patient is permitted to drink as much water as he feels inclined to between the grape meals. Generally, sufficient water is supplied by the juice of the grape. In the early stages of the diet the patient often becomes very thirsty. Nature calls for an abundant supply of water to flush the system. After the poisons have been eliminated, this craving ceases. Too much drinking often tends to overwork the kidneys.

Grape Poultices

In  case  of external  growths,  where 92 there is an open sore, grape poultices have been found to be effective. The grape poultice is made by crushing grapes, spreading between layers of cheese cloth or muslin, and placing over the effected part, covering the whole with a dry cloth.

Grape Compress

Where whole grapes cannot be procured, a compress may be used. Soft muslin or cheese cloth is dipped in grape juice diluted about two-thirds.

Both poultice and compress should be renewed frequently, as they absorb much of the poison.
The purpose of the compress is to keep external cancers and other wounds open and soft so that the poisons can be easily expelled. This is important.

Bowel Movement

Distressing symptoms occur during the Grape Diet, through the poisons which have been stirred up by the action of the grape and thrown into the blood stream. These symptoms may be aggravated in cases in which there is very poor elimination. Sufficient stress cannot be laid upon the importance of keeping the bowels free by using enemas.

Many patients complain of becoming constipated under the grape diet. The reader is referred to page 77 of this book regarding the consumption of grape skins.

As laxatives are not advisable, a tea-spoonful of olive oil occasionally is recommended. This should be taken just before the grape meal. In extreme cases, a small quantity of olive oil may be injected directly into the rectum by means of a hard rubber syringe.

There are several herb laxatives which are effective and do not conflict with the grape treatment.

Formation of Gas

Another development of which many complain in the Grape Cure is the formation of gas. When this symptom appears, it is well to stop the consumption of the skins and seeds altogether for a while. If this does not relieve the condition, one of the best reliefs is by the high colonic irrigation in the knee-chest position. If the patient is not strong enough to take this treatment, the cold trunk pack will usually help to dispel the gas.

Soreness of Mouth

When the grape diet makes the mouth sore and raw, it may be because the flesh is diseased.  Grapes do not have this effect on healthy tissue. When the body has been cleansed of its poisons, the soreness disappears.

Other Symptoms

Sometimes, after continuing on the grape diet for several weeks, the feces become quite black. This is deemed a temporary symptom and no cause for any uneasiness.

Acute and Chronic

Acute Pains: As heat promotes inflammation and congestion, cold applications externally are recommended to relieve the patient’s pain. Cheese-cloth wrung out of lukewarm water and folded several thicknesses may be placed over the affected part and covered with an ice bag. Renew the cloth frequently. This has afforded relief in cases of appendicitis, piles, acute liver attacks, gall stones, kidney stones, inflammation of throat, etc.

Chronic Cases: When the patient is below par, depleted, or suffering from low blood pressure, the pain may be relieved by hot applications. A cheese-cloth can be wrung out of lukewarm water as mentioned before, but instead of an ice bag, a hot water bottle placed over the cloth.

It is the moist heat that relieves pain. The hot water bag is seldom applied to the dry skin. The moisture opens the pores and enables the impurities to come out. The cloth, therefore, should be kept very clean and renewed at intervals.


Numerous instances have been reported of patients who have been misinformed as to the duration of the Grape Cure and the quantity to be consumed. This is regrettable because it detracts from the value of this wonderful discovery. The patient should be urged to adhere closely to the instructions given is this book, all these details having been carefully worked out.

The writer does not want to be held responsible for failures due to wrong advice by persons who do not know anything about the grape diet.

The process of the grape when eaten exclusively tends to cleanse the intestinal tract and dissolve poisons which may have settled in any part of the body It is not advisable to use medicines while on the grape diet.

Why Fast?

When preparations containing iron or other inorganic metals have been injected into the blood in the form of serums, the acids of the grape have corrosive tendency. This danger is mitigated by prolonged fasting before beginning the Grape Cure.

Other Diseases

It is impossible in a work of this scope to enumerate all the diseases which have been reported successfully treated by this method. A few about which special inquiries have come in are mentioned below.

ARTHRITIS: It stands to reason that when the bones have become ossified through arthritis and rheumatism, the grape diet will not loosen them up, except when used in conjunction with other methods of natural healing, such as manipulations, gentle exercise and fomentation. This should not be done without the supervision of one trained along these lines.

DIABETES: This method has been particularly successful with diabetes. The grape sugar is believed to be an organic solvent which neutralizes the sugar deposits in the blood.

When taking the exclusive grape diet for Diabetes, persons who have been taking Insulin should cut down gradually on the intake of Insulin until it becomes zero. You cannot mix it with the grape diet and get satisfactory results.

GALL STONES: Gall stones have been reported dissolved while the patients were under treatment for more serious diseases.

CATARACT: The same may be said of cataract of the eye.

DIET: As we believe many diseases are caused by wrong combinations of food, we advise our readers to study the second and third stages carefully for information on this important subject. Many valuable books are being published in our day on the benefits of the raw vegetable and fruit diet.


This must not be treated lightly. Too often gastric ulcers are neglected. Before the diseases becomes serious, it is recommended that the sufferer undergo the grape treatment. Skins, and seeds should be omitted.

TUBERCULOSIS: So far in this country only a few cases of tuberculosis have been treated, but it is specifically mentioned in reference books published in Central Europe as a disease which readily yields to the grape diet.

SYPHILIS: The writer has been informed that several hundred years ago, when the royal houses of Europe had become corrupt and tainted with this dread disease, they resorted to the grape diet.

In connection with the grape diet we have used the following with amazing results.

For open sores—Grape poultice is made by crushing grapes, spreading between layers of cheese cloth or muslin, and placing over affected part, covering whole with a dry cloth. If grapes are not available, a compress may be used. Soft muslin dipped in grape juice diluted about 2/3. Poultice or compress should be renewed frequently as they absorb much poison.

Rectal Cancer—Treat with diluted grape juice enemas (l/3 grape juice).

Nasal Catarrh, Sinus trouble, etc.— Nasal douches 6 or 8 times a day with diluted grape juice.

Cancer of throat or gullet—Gargle with diluted grape juice.

Cancer of the womb — Regular douches, luke warm water (l/3 grape juice).

When effects of grapes too drastic— Judicious fasting — FAST — and fast again—just pure cold water. Nothing can be done without the fast. Written By Johanna Brandt N.D.Ph.N., A.M., Continue Reading: Chapter 8 – Grape Juice


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