Treating Anxiety at Home

Treating Anxiety at Home

You might be surprised to find out how many people have issues with anxiety. People with anxiety often feel alone and think no one else is going through the same thing but this isn’t true. People who are anxious feel afraid, tense, and nervous. They may sweat a lot when in stressful situations and they are not be able to put their thoughts together when under stress. Other symptoms can include an upset stomach, a racing heartbeat and feeling the need to use the restroom.

How anxiety is treated depends on how severe the symptoms are and how often they occur. If you have mild anxiety and are willing to do the work you can deal with it by yourself. Treating anxiety effectively usually requires the individual facing his problems head on and working through his generalized anxiety disorder symptoms. This is not easy but it can be done with enough practice.

A Plan for Treating Anxiety

In order to effectively deal with your anxiety, you need to know what you are going to do when you have an attack. If you have a plan of action for treating anxiety, and have gone through it over and over while not having an anxiety attack, you will be able to execute that plan when you are having an actual anxiety attack; you can start treating anxiety on your own this way. You need to be determined to deal with your anxiety on your own and have the strength to stick to your plan in order to do this.

A big part of your plan for treating anxiety should be using relaxation techniques to get your breathing under control. You need to turn that racing heartbeat and unsteady breathing around and start breathing normally in order to focus on your plan to deal with your anxiety attack. You can’t think clearly when you can’t breathe. It is important to be analytical, not emotional, when you are developing a plan for treating anxiety and executing it.

One important thing to remember is that by removing yourself temporarily from a stressful situation, you can possibly prevent an anxiety attack or at least minimize the severity of your attack. If work is stressful, take the time to walk away from your desk for a few minutes a few times a day to relieve some of that stress and clear your head. Try picturing a calm scene like being on the beach and imagine yourself there instead of in the stressful situation. This will help you stay calm and cool.

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