Phobia List

Phobia List

A to Z Phobia list

If you suffer from sesquipedalophobia—the fear of long words—you might want to skip this A to Z phobia list. If not, here is a fun and informative look at some of the irrational fears that plague us.


From ablutophobia, fear of washing or bathing, to aviophobia, the more common fear of flying, a complete phobia list captures a wide range of fears under the As. Some of the more unusual ones include arachibutyrophobia, fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, and aulophobia, fear of flutes.


If you are a self-professed germaphobe, bacilliphobia, fear of microbes, and bacteriophobia, fear of bacteria, may seem quite reasonable. But what should we make of barophobia, fear of gravity? Or, bibliophobia, the fear of books?


Snow White’s stepmother might have suffered from cacophobia, fear of ugliness.

Luddites could be affected by cainophobia, fear of novelty, or cenophobia, fear of new things.


Topping the D phobia list is decidophobia, fear of making decisions—a condition that could stymie your attempt to climb the corporate ladder or get into law school.
Other career-killing fears are doxophobia, fear of expressing opinions or receiving praise, and didaskaleinophobia, fear of going to school.


Under the E, watch for eclisiophobia, fear of church, and ecophobia, fear of home. Enochlophobia, fear of crowds, rules out countless other environments as well.


Under F, the phobia list is brief: febriphobia, felinophobia, francophobia and frigophobia, the fear of fever, cats, France and cold, respectively.


If you are a man with both gamophobia, fear of marriage, and gynophobia, fear of women, you could have a long future as a bachelor in front of you.


The phobia list for H taps into the fears of the devout: hadephobia, hagiophobia and hamartophobia express the fear of hell, saints and sinning respectively. Homilophobia is the fear of sermons whereas hierophobia is the fear of priests. Afraid of the number 666? You may have exakosioihexekontahexaphobia.


Icthyophobia, insectophobia and isopterophobia—fear of spiders, insects and termites—will rule out a future in entymology.


A beach vacation could be a stressful event if you suffer from kymophobia, keraunophobia and kosmikophobia, leading you to run from waves, thunder and lightening and cosmic phenomenon.


If you’ve read this far chances are you do not suffer from logophobia, fear of words.


April, International Poetry Month, is not likely to be celebrated by anyone with metrophobia, fear or hatred of poetry. Mythophobics, those who fear myths or stories, may also struggle with that special occasion.


Not surprisingly, fairy tale heroines are often afflicted with novercaphobia, fear of a stepmother, as well as nyctohylophobia, fear of dark wooded areas at night.


Tippi Hedren of The Birds could be forgiven if she developed ornithophobia after filming the famous scene in which she was attacked by birds.


Imagine being afflicted with panophobia, fear everything.


The cosmetics industry has cashed in on rhytiphobia, selling innumerable products to men and women who are afraid of wrinkles.


Forget about wooing someone on a romantic midnight picnic if they are afflicted with siderophobia, fear of stars.


Every time Friday the 13th rolls around, we hear about triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13, but are you aware of trichopathophobia? This is the fear of hair.


Believe it or not, there are those who fear heaven: uranophobia.


From venustraphobia, fear of beautiful women, to vitricophobia, fear of the stepfather, the phobia list continues.


Wiccaphobes are afraid of witches and witchcraft.


You are probably familiar with xenophobia, fear of strangers, but what about xenoglossophobia? This is the fear of foreign languages.


We conclude this look at human phobias with zoophobia, fear of animals, and zemmiphobia, fear of the great mole rat.

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