Natural Cancer Cure Grape Diet

Natural Cancer Cure Grape Diet

REGARDING CANCER – Natural Cancer Cure

It is my belief that the body of the cancer patient contains the most virulent poison and that cancer is the death and disintegration of a given part of a living body.

Under the grape diet, that decomposition is arrested—checked. But the danger is by no means over. The poisons have now been thrown into the blood-stream and carried to every part of the body. Everything must be done to expel them and expel them quickly.

Natural Cancer Cure – The Enema

Since the alimentary canal is the main avenue of excretion, the bowels must be attended to first. We recommend the daily use of the enema unless the grapes act as a laxative, In some cases they cause constipation until the system has learned to use the skins of the grapes as roughage. Such patients should take an enema of one quart of lukewarm water once or even twice a day, until there is a natural movement of the bowels.

This rule applies to all persons who are undergoing a grape diet.

Why the Skins?

The skins, not alone of grapes, but of many other fruits, such as apples, pears, contain immensely valuable elements. To throw away the peels would be to deprive the system of the very substances required to build a new and healthy body.

But the skins also form the bulk and roughage which are needed to promote the peristaltic action of the stomach and bowels.

Until the system has learned to utilize the grape it is advisable to be careful with the seeds and hulls. A normal digestion suffers no inconvenience when the whole grape is used, on the contrary, it is benefited by the valuable properties contained in the seeds and skins apart from the bulk and roughage they provide. But if you have been in the habit of discarding them, they may at first accumulate in the digestive tract and cause constipation. I therefore advise all who are experimenting with the Grape Diet for the first time to begin with the juice and pulp; later a few of the skins. Chew them all well in order to extract their essences, but swallow only a few until you are sure that your digestion is able to take care of them. The same applies to the seeds.

But in all cases use the enema if Nature fails to do her work.

Do not depend on faith for this. The development of faith takes time and there is no time to lose—if it really is a cancer. Throw the vile poisons out. Employ every material means of ridding the system of its gross impurities and you will be surprised to find that in doing this you are developing the more spiritual powers of mind and soul.

Obedience to the dictates of common sense—harmony—has its own reward.

Alternative Cancer Treatment – The Course of the Disease

Under the Grape Diet, it should run its full course within a month or six weeks. The cancer patient loses weight to an extent that would be alarming if he did not understand the principle of the Cure. While on the first stage of Grape Diet, nothing should be administered to make him gain weight—no food of any kind except the grape. In advanced cases it is sometimes by reducing him to a virtual skeleton that the disease may be overcome. When in severe cases he has reached this point, when he has been brought almost to skin and bone, there is nothing left for the cancer to live on and it usually disappears spontaneously. There are many kinds of cancer and the patients are all at different stages of the disease. It is therefore impossible to say beforehand how long it will take to arrive at the turning-point.

No Cause for Anxiety

When the inorganic poisons have been effectually eliminated and the patient seems to have reached the last stage of weakness, there is usually a sudden and marked change for the better. He may fall into a refreshing sleep and wake up feeling “fine,” feeling strangely invigorated—and usually his first demand is for “food.” THE GREATEST CARE MUST NOW BE EXERCISED. For a day or two he should live on pure grape juice (homemade, or unsweetened commercial)—half a pint sipped slowly every two hours, and then gradually the other fruits may be introduced.

The critical time is during that period of exhaustion just before the tide turns. It is so natural to think that the patient is dying for want of nourishment. This is not the case at all. If he has been kept faithfully on grapes, he has been fed with the finest and richest food on earth—a food that will sustain a healthy, active man for months.

“Feeding the patient to keep up his strength” is the surest way of killing him.

No, your cancer patient is not dying of starvation. And he is not getting weak because he is eating grapes only. But the cancer is dying. Nature is destroying it. The vital centers—heart, lungs and brain—are being nourished to the last moment by the grape. To change the diet at this moment is not advisable. Remember this when you are tempted to administer other foods and stimulants. His only chance may be the grape. You know the verdict that has been passed—inoperable cancer, no hope, nothing known to science that can save this case. Well, then the grape is the only hope. Advanced cases have apparently been cured. Until you hear of something better than grapes, do not let the harrowing sight of the patient’s weakness and emaciation tempt you to offer other foods. That might be robbing him of his only chance.

Give the grape diet a fair chance for a few weeks, not longer, if you are unable to get reliable advice. Then try some of the other juicy fruits.

I have seen patients reach the unconscious stage and then recover.

Fortunately, the patients themselves often have a conviction that grapes and grapes only will save them.

To try them, I occasionally suggest some other tempting food and I have been impressed by the emphatic reply:

“Not for a hundred thousand dollars!”


“I would rather die on grapes than live as I have been living on other foods.”

All this, however, applies only to the first few weeks of the exclusive grape diet.
The danger of staying on grapes too long is that the patient may in time not be able to take any other food.

* * *

Report Your Progress to Us

In the name of science and humanity we invite cancer and other patients to report the result of the Grape Cure to us. It is most essential to collect extensive data for publication to encourage others.

Must the Cancer Patient Know?

One of the stumbling-blocks to be overcome in the treatment of cancer patients is secrecy. Every device is employed by doctors and relatives to hide their real condition from them. When the principle of the Harmony is better understood, the fear of cancer will be removed and it will be not be necessary to deceive and mislead cancer patients. After all, they are not really blind to their condition and I know by experience that there is nothing more painful than suspense and uncertainty. The secret fear, the haunting suspicion of being deceived are far more trying and harmful than the realization of danger. It is not reasonable to expect the patient to be faithful to the prescribed rules without a full understanding of the gravity of his condition.


On the principle of Harmony we do not put inorganic poisons into the system of a patient who is trying to expel poisons. That would be like pouring oil on a fire with one hand and water with the other, in an effort to extinguish it.

The construction of the human body is marvelously complex. The millions of pores on the surface of the skin have many functions. They not only excrete waste products but they have the power of absorbing material essences. The care of the skin is of immense importance in the treatment of cancer, for the pores are accessory organs of breathing. That is to say, instead of having only one pair of lungs, we possess many millions, so that in the case of internal cancer, when the breathing is heavily restricted, we have to depend largely on the free action of the pores for oxygen.

The Use of the Flesh Brush

The skin of a healthy person casts off the dead cells without artificial means, but in a diseased body the pores are clogged and choked with decayed matter. The entire body of the patient should be brushed morning and evening with a dry flesh brush.

These flesh brushes may be procured at almost any drug store.

But it is not enough to get the poisons out, you must see to it that no new poison gets in. There are more ways of taking poison than by way of the mouth.

Trunk packs, water compresses and poultices, on the other hand, are highly commendable, and in extreme cases these should be saturated with diluted grape juice. A great many patients can now testify to the magical effects of these compresses—many lingering sufferers in the future will experience undreamed of relief through these methods. Written By Johanna Brandt N.D.Ph.N., A.M., Continue Reading: Chapter 7 – Supplementary Information

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